REAS representatives met with delegates from key banks during the second edition of the seminar concerning the residential market.

Together with delegates from such banks as PKO BP, PeKaO S.A., BZ WBK, BRE Bank, Raiffeisen Bank as well as AMRON, REAS discussed the current situation in the residential markets of six Polish cities and presented forecasts regarding the development of this market in the coming year.

The seminar was launched by Katarzyna Kuniewicz with the presentation of the results of the monitoring research conducted by REAS, illustrating the trends occurring in the Polish residential market. Afterwards, Grzegorz Żochowski – Director of Capital Markets – commented on the results of the latest REAS study concerning financing developers’ investments.

During the subsequent discussion Jacek Furga, President of AMRON, shared with participants of the seminar statistical data regarding the scale of the crediting action in the first three quarters of 2009. Bank representatives presented their opinions on both the view of the market and the probable conditions of financing developers’ investments in the year 2010. It is universally believed that this year ought to bring a certain, though slight, improvement both in terms of individual and developers’ credit.

Kazimierz Kirejczyk „We value the opportunity to preliminary confront our prognoses with representatives of banks involved in financing developers’ residential investment projects, before making the forecasts public. The shape of the market in the year 2010 will depend to a large extent on the scale and conditions of bank financing, especially in terms of developers’ credits.”.

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