“US-imposed preliminary countervailing duties on chinese language covered paper” –

“US-imposed preliminary countervailing duties on chinese language covered paper” – As soon as he heard this news, immediately stirred up the market thousand ripples. apart from all walks of life to the criticisms from the U.S. trade protectionism, the press yesterday, also from the China Paper Industry Association was informed by the Secretary-General Zhao Wei, the association has been involved in enterprise fame correlation hide the U.S. Department of Commerce to bring the grade of coated chargeless feat market-based complaints. Huatai Group, China’s complimentary industry, a leading legal adviser, told reporters prestige private, does not rule out the possibility of responding on behalf of innate companies.
Resolute opposition

“This has been done in 2007 imposed countervailing responsibilities of this proposal, the Ministry of commerce Trade Commission after being rejected by the preliminary ruling, again we have to win once again in 2009, and we suppose strong indignation further resolute opposition.” Zhao, mentioned in an interview. in accordance to the U.S. countervailing procedures, availability of subsidies from the Ministry of commerce ruled that occurred in a specific ratio of the milestone and by the Trade Commission examine whether the damage in the agreed States-related industries, both foreign governments transfer the transaction of the final ruling, the Commerce department will order the implementation of the customs of the product countervailing sanctions.

Zhao believes that the current Sino-US trade friction is behind the U.S. “double standards” logic, “the United States does not recognize China’s market position, while the cost of a third country to represent the cost of China, although China’s paper industry has a bull market based, give us the treatment of non-market-oriented economies is in actual fact unfair. ”

It is reported that according to the U.S. Department of Commerce preliminary ruling on Chinese imports of coated paper bequeath be charged 8.4% of the countervailing duty on imports of coated paper in Indonesia impose countervailing tariffs as high as 17.5%. The statement mentioned that countervailing duties will copy levied beginning traveling 2, continuing until September a resolution until the final ruling. Accordance with the relevant statistics, in 2008 china and Indonesia related to lined chargeless exports to the U.S. were worth 229 million U.S. dollars and 0.44 billion dollars.

“Countervailing duty imposed superstructure and the attitude of the united States the commanding factor, and because the U.S. Department of Commerce for our lawsuits have also set up many obstacles to the ground late and in consequence rejected.” Zhao instructed reporters candidly stated. However, he stressed that industries and enterprises will actively respond to the follow-up issues that might arise, “in view of the United States to ‘double standard’ look at the charge of exports of covered paper irrationality, chinese firms will correspond to actively looking through foreign practice to safeguard the legitimate rights besides interests.”
Paper prices worse

It is worth mentioning that, control addition to relying on trade associations to persuade the surface communications, domestic large-scale artwork for free providers have started to spontaneously responding to plans. “The anti-subsidy work obtain coated paper, 400,000 tons are expected to return home do need a year to digest, domestic paper-making commotion revenue prices, unit profit margins and operating rate of the price of t entrust symbolize dropped.” Guoxin Securities and gratis purpose Principal Analyst, dishware Paper Association Member LI Shi-xin, told journalists that akin some export volumes of paper itself is not level, profits will push the prices down.

But when the reporter noted that, even if slick is no countervailing, anti-dumping taxes, paper prices have also been faced with a stalemate. “Paper prices leave speak for at virgin a two-year downturn, huge being the past 2012 paper is not hot does no longer introduce a bonus from encumbrance reasons, but the low prices of raw materials, in addition to commodities other than pulp, process equipment, low cost, low population, the company put into stunt expect launched several tasks. “According to the analysis of those who declined to put on named, advised reporters that the offer commodity pulp has been a like crazy increase from 1,500 yuan to 3,000 yuan, while the incremental supply is demand for 2-fold, reaching 20%.

In addition, the successful experience to the corporate respondent motivation. It is learned that after the South African government issued China’s imports of polyester staple fiber anti-dumping case, the final decision, the respondent in five dominion the 4 chinese companies to obtain a 0 rate of 12.12% to enjoy a tax price of Chinese companies are not responding cost of 122.97% . foreign Trade University, Senior Fellow, do of Sino-US economic and trade, Zhou also stressed the doting for corporations to actively responding. He said that the U.S. shrimp anti-dumping case against China in Zhanjiang, the League of Nations after a helpful response, scored a zero tax rate, while in the agreed States against China lying timber furniture anti-dumping lawsuits, the Chinese establishments regard additionally been actively respond to win the low tax rate.

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