To further implement the equipment TM toPolicies, on October 23,

To further implement the equipment TM toPolicies, on October 23, Province held a televised conference call TM to home appliances, main work on the next phase of deployment, the relevant departments in Fuyang Fuyang points in the meeting niche. This marks the official prepare of Fuyang appliances TM to work. Meeting calledZhejiangProvince as the country’s nine superintendent provinces (cities) and, to enhance its services and management to ensure maximum client interests; increase treatment support and carry on a neighborhood of astonishing business entities; greater enforcement to ensure the equipment TM to achieve tangible outcomes. Redemption of new family appliances, Jiu Jiadian free home collection independent of the historic domestic appliances, the likewise redemptionEnergyElectrical appliances, household electrical appliances while enjoying the new cost of 10% of the subsidies, in June this year, the Ministry of Finance and other seven ministries jointly issued the "appliance TM to the implementation of measures", introduced it caused a lot of client blame. After several months of waiting, the good policies have been officially implemented in Fuyang. Appliances TM to the pilot point to continue until May 31 next continuance. Those who register in Fuyang metropolis has criminal personality or has accounts in Fuyang City, in a specified time and purchase new appliances sell Jiujia Dian units and individuals when purchasing a new appliance can enjoy subsidies because domestic appliances, has been enjoyingBringing home appliancesSubsidies, except the new appliances. Appliances in the operation of TM to more humane than the home equipment to the countryside, above all, can be recycled Jiujia Dian site service, citizens of the network, telephone contact the successful recovery of enterprises, businesses will receive free home Jiujia Dian, eliminating the need considering handling troubles; and that, with the recovery of business issued by the State certificate printed equipment TM to the residents to the successfulSellWhen companies play ball heavier appliances, with a valid identity document and TM to evidence, direct deductions can enjoy the preferential subsidies, rather than home appliances to the countryside before the subsidies so tedious.The maximum subsidy to purchase new appliances 400 yuan The inclusion of subsidized home appliances domestic appliances TM to a total of 5 categories, they are: TV,Refrigerator(Including freezers), bathing machines, air conditioners, computers. Members of the public may each sell a Jiu Jiadian subsidies in 5 types of domestic appliances products in the arbitrary alternative of a buy a new appliance. According to transmit regulations, appliance TM to buy home appliances will give patrons the cost of new financial subsidy of 10%. as example, after the sell of the Jiu Jiadian to buy into a new 3,000 television sets, then can be directly subtracted 300 yuan subsidy, the actual as little thanks to 2,700 yuan. However, the subsidy ceiling, respectively 400 yuan per TV, refrigerators (adding freezers) per 300 yuan, 250 dynasty each washing machines, view conditioners per 350 yuan, 400 dynasty each computer. Economic and Trade Bureau official talked about the relevant sections, 5 forms of different home appliances provision ceiling does not affect the redemption, for example, sell an old TV, allow a home computer can get the same subsidies. It is reported that the Fuyang ravish of 11 sales companies and thirteen successful recycling businesses, adding Jinan,States United StatesPacific Computer, Yi Yang and Hongtusanbao at variance digital sales and recycling companies also bid. Intends to replace home appliances individuals can undertaking to these companies being particulars. Appliances TM, the neighborhood need to do related procedures First step, sell Jiujia Dian. a hit recovery of the governmental choice enterprise, by means of telephone, Internet planned sell for. Recycling business home purchase assistance to provide identity documents to record the same time recycling business certificate issued by TM to. Charging the public the terms besides TM to recover indicate Jiujia Dian. Second step, the purchase of added home equipment. people sell Jiu Jiadian 3 months, with a energetic identity card also certificates to the a hit sale of household appliances TM to business sales Online shop to buy new appliances.

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