To effectively secure the interests of farmers, mobilizing the enthusiasm

To effectively secure the interests of farmers, mobilizing the enthusiasm of farmers, according to the requirements of the transmit Department, Jilin provincial government decided to provide food subsidies impact the form Dongfeng reform. At this point, Jilin Province, “direct subsidy pilot” has been officially launched. Grain subsidy reform pioneer is on “was lifted, two open, one lock, one to adjust.” Lifted, is by disposing of the surplus grain farmers of price policy; 2 release is the opening price of grain, up open grain purchase and income markets; a lock is locked the old stock, old losses are; an accustoming is the assimilation of food subsidies in circulation for direct subsidies to farmers. State grain procurement enterprises and other food operators fair access to markets, happen the market, at vend purchase surplus grain farmers, makeup purchase and sales markets to achieve fluctuation of business entities. The subsidies range of experimental maize, rice, two of the protected variety, east of Fengxian County in 1994 and 1998 5-year average take of two varieties of the base, in accordance with the maize, rice, two varieties of goods to lock up 70% of the amount of subsidies approved conversion ratio Goods traffic; allowances listed under awareness this go is expected to market the augmented food costs and the level of protection of the price spread measure, defined as kilograms of grain subsidies to 0.045 yuan. Way of subsidies weight harmony shroud the established variation and scope of subsidies, the amount of goods will be sponsored through the insular approval to the county, and then approved by the county level by level to the township and village, the village approved the home from the reality. Calculation methods are discipline to statutory information. The inject of households in food subsidies, should proceed from reality, to be fair, reasonable, and the number of approved home post the food subsidies, food subsidies from the domain charge to send command unity, according to the standard capital kg grain subsidies. First, the excess is agricultural subsidies, unessential or shortage of cash to farmers clearing. Resolutely put an end to withhold funds appropriated subsidies occurrence. path of food subsidy look up is a necessary deepening of the grain distribution gadget. Over the years, the main producing areas in the protection of national interests took a coterie of subsidies to farmers, but deluge grease the circulation, increased food business to a big extent dependent on the policies, leading enterprises have received cuisine through loans, subsidies kept , losses are losses on the phenomenon. Direct subsidies to farmers, and fundamentally changed the company’s dedication to lock up farmers from the grain of responsibility, the responsibility to protect farmers reverted to the Government, to the food business irrecoverable the trouble and the burden to confirm farmers rely on the heavy burden of the policy, complete the vim charge to the market, grain subsidy reform is to protect also mobilize the enthusiasm of farmers and effective entrance. In the past, the State to protect the interests of farmers, whereas subsidies circulation to protect the price drag the form of indirect increase their income. As the cost of big circulation, ruination of modify amongst many, resulted in the efficient protection of farmers. according to OECD estimates, subsidies to safeguard farmers seeing the circulation of singular approximately 25% efficiency, and also as a result of of the increase in grain stocks increased financial deadweight. Therefore, significant adjustments in food supply and demand, the market situation continued low grain prices, the state raised the idea of direct subsidies to farmers, can effectively evade the loss of intercede interests, so that farmers benefit without delay.

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