To dig behind the halal food industry, enormous alternatives to

To dig behind the halal food industry, enormous alternatives to help businesses “fly voyage.” Helan county government has introduced a series of preferential policies, efforts to build Ruby Ningxia Halal Food Park to become the largest park features halal food production.
Under the new rules, businesses in the paramount scene income of 5,000 million yuan, and output value, revenue growth of 20% or more, turned over to the county work base 50% of the super to support enterprise renovation further self-built base of raw materials; 0.33 endow concernment process during the year, and fashion 100 million yuan and 200 meg dynasty or more enterprises, the Government, one-time advantages one million yuan and 200 million; on rented industrial park plant more than 5 million yuan investment in fixed belongings and annual sales income of 5 million yuan , further two years by the predomination 8 yuan per square meter per month standard rental subsidies; halal food production enterprises in export delivery value of 100 million yuan, according to delivery value of 2% of the subsidy transport costs; year at home and abroad have a certain interest on the charge of chain outlets, and were one-time awards are 50,000 yuan besides 200,000 yuan.

At the flat time, in direction to stimulate enterprises to habitus their own halal food raw materials base, and shelter farmers to establish a close interest of the Commonwealth, proposed new regulations, according to agency size and self herds farm businesses to sell the county the amount of milk, respectively, one-time paid 300 thousand to 2 million yuan of Yijiangdaibu funds for aquaculture field infrastructure; for halal beef and mutton processing companies, slaughter and processing capacity to be based on actual grants, of which 50% of play ball funds for the enterprise as a icy material base construction, 50% subsidy to farmers to finance advancement; on whereas international HA-LAL (both in Kazakhstan) certified company, is a one-time grant 20 thousand yuan.

domination recent years, Ningxia Helan County, Ruby Park, halal cuisine gathered Sheng Ji, Ming Wang dairy, red apparel more than forty five halal food and Muslim products companies, industrial clusters and show the neatness. Park, completed last year, operating dividend of 439 million yuan, profit of 28.48 million yuan. Strive to cultivate this year 3-5 at home go-getting halal food also fatima products brands, so that the park cost of 20 billion Yuan, total millstone income 50 million dynasty.
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