To additional simplify Bringing home appliances Link capital subsidy to

To additional simplify Bringing home appliances Link capital subsidy to expand Home Appliances Countryside Products Sell To ensure the feat of the national preferential agricultural guidelines into domiciliate Fujian Province not including Xiamen launched a comprehensive sales sway appliance Disbursement of subsidies to the countryside June 2 this year the Fujian Province in Nam Hai with Jiang Yanping Meliet and Hanjiang distinctive six counties towns districts for the payment of subsidies pilot sales outlets July 24 the Provincial Economic besides Trade Commission the Provincial Department of Finance was held in Fuzhou sovereignty transfer home appliances sales outlets to advance funds to subsidize the forum summarize and exchange the experience of the pilot areas chew over and discussion of the quot capital of Fujian commonwealth rule Appliance chief subsidies to rural areas for Trial Implementation quot and quot bringing home appliances sales grease in Fujian agent to review and advance agreement on subsidies quot July 31 the Provincial Economic again Trade Commission the Provincial branch of Finance jointly issued quot on the bulky implementation of the bequest payments on behalf of home appliances sales network to rural locations to operation notice quot decided on Aug 3 at a province wide not including Xiamen implementation of the quot subsidy price Loaning money from networks county blot out financial departments and retailers to settle quot the payment mode Disbursement of subsidy to carry out the vivacity network Attachment Fujian Provincial Economic again Trade Commission of Fujian Provincial Finance Department on the full implementation of the souvenir payments on behalf of home appliances sales network to rural areas to alert the work of Districts and towns Economic further Trade Commission TDC action Office Finance Bureau sales of home home equipment to the countryside successful enterprise Appliances to calm areas across the province to further simplify procedures through financial subsidies also expand sales of home appliances to the countryside products to ensure that national preferential agricultural policies to the memorandum the province decided to implement a field wide quot subsidy emolument Loaning money from networks county liquidate financial sector and the network settlement quot of the payment mode Disbursement of subsidy to carry out the work network Now quot subsidies to rural areas access Fujian Province Network Appliance payment for Trial Implementation quot see about Annex 1 issued to you carefully organized and applied starting from imperial 1 the burly implementation of home appliances to the countryside in the province payment of subsidies to sales retailers dictate on the aim are as follows only raise awareness strengthen association besides leadership Subsidies for home appliances to the countryside simplify approaches the implementation of network home appliances to the countryside Disbursement of subsidies is to promote the work of key appliances to the countryside not only conducive to increasing sales the implementation of preferential agricultural policy but also shock domestic demand consumption is important to expand All levels of economy trade financial sector should combine ingrained circumstances strengthen the guidance of the work of subsidy payment further rewrite relevant measures to enable farmers to finance sales outlets on the spot cash subsidies To create a subsidy payment responsibility to honor the work of responsibilities to departments units firms and individuals then that should be against the best dollar The progress of implementation of the insular half remuneration notification system each of the counties and urban areas by means of City also informed of the progress of regular and abnormal inspection Province will be based on the workload throughout the progress of the size and cash rewards local funding should also be liable the necessary protection Second greater efforts to work effortlessly exhaustive levels of economy trade financial sector and the sale of enterprises to intensify our motion and actively making subsidy payments on benefit of the work network I to inspect the network bullpen work of county level appliances to windless areas leadership team to prepare in the looked toward destiny under the jurisdiction of the district staff to conduct on hole verification of distribution networks Network with brokers need to review the circumstances of the network as soon as possible subsidy payments on welfare of and as needed with the lands department of home appliances to the geographical region signed quot sales leadership appliances to rural areas in Fujian Province to review and name gratuity funding agency agreement quot see own 2 shibboleth conditions are temporarily prone one week of the rectification period still fail to swarm requirements after rectification cancellation of its appliances to rural areas eligible for sales shops B make chief charge of subsidies during the shift work To ensure that the province implement notoriety appliance Disbursement of financial subsidies to rural areas to buy domestic appliances to the countryside before the products backed farmers enjoy subsidies should be put in place in time on August 3 farmers to purchase household appliances to the countryside products can be returned to the original location of purchase locations or to account township chief departments because subsidies sales outlets and economic departments should promptly accepted

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