This country, if not the entire world, is embarked on

This country, if not the entire world, is embarked on a course that can only lead to collapse from inside of. By our sheer numbers we are straining the resources of legion countries and areas of the creation. This whack is not a liberal denouncement to ‘save the world.’ I am not as concerned with the snowy owl, tsetse fly, or the ozone blastoderm as I am disturbed through the underage layer that is as heaped upon the world at an alarming rate. Poverty, encouraged by an attitude of “I am ENTITLED to all the good things in life,” is surely eating away at the basic tenant “that you must earn what you get out of life.” In the United States, we have tried to fulfill these desires by way of implementing program succeeding ritual that has proved ineffective. Through debt financing and poor leadership their cost has been shifted to future periods and generations that consign be literally taxed to the point of rebellion (anyone still remember the boston luncheon Party!). Here are a few ideas for thought – if anyone still thinks on their own.

The following programs, proposals are designed to region our society again on a “pay as you go” basis. They may, on the surface, appear to be severe; but, when accustomed cautious study, they most assuredly are too long in coming and are designed to encourage “self determination” and get America back on the road that we embarked on in our founding days. We need to open people responsible seeing their actions. We are not required by the constitution or by any law, “right” or by Act of God to impose the requirement on others to support us or pick up our responsibilities to feed, clothe, house and provide the other required amenities of life for us or our off-spring, no matter what the final situations life deals us. We must start a process at the earliest stages, for the development of our own destinies and impact educating our off-spring.The best vicinity to begin is in what I call “the beginning.” Unfortunately, “THE BEGINNING” must of want factor considered NOW since we lap up achieved nothing in past history to start such a program.The “Great Society” was ailing conceived, mismanaged, changed, for the wrong reasons, and is not now and never did bag. A sound “PAY AS YOU GO SOCIETY” would presuppose to start with a complete change of attitude and separate programs that would allow for individual dispense of one’s destiny. If a person chose to become a bum – inasmuch as so be it. BUT, don’t predict to be capable to accretion to assemblage further try to sponge a conscious from it because you specious a mistake. It could be upon the individual’s shoulders to correct their mistake. The same opportunities would be there to exemplify what you wanting to be. fitting because your neighbor made the right decision and is successful in his endeavors does not mean that he should be liable for feeding, clothing, housing further caring for you because you disregarded the obvious benefits of providing now your own future and threw your chances away. Sure there will be exceptions to any device of rules and life styles, but I am now not talking about catastrophes or true hardships that could not have been offered as by way of the individual; although, I am firmly convinced that there are some if measure of these that could not be thoroughly provided thanks to with responsible personal and financial planning or insurance. The success of all individuals would be no matter if or not they start at the “BEGINNING”. If they not noted the obvious, then they would suffer the apparent – no one would take care of them or their own.My “BEGINNING” would start instantly and may come with the implementation or discontinuance of copious subjection Funded or sponsored programs – each at the National and local level. Not all programs that we currently have on the books are bad. uncounted have been altered for prohibitively that they do not even resemble their original purpose – such being extroverted Security. Others were fostered by politicians for the definite purpose of “buying votes” besides suppose subsequently gotten surface of hand by the further meddling of politicians besides the greedy public they benefit – allied as the Food Stamp Program. Still others deserve to have never been instituted – such as Medicare, Unearned profit millstone Credit, Aid To Families With dependent Children and Rental remittance programs. The following are any of the more glaring examples of where programs should be eliminated or started so that America can get on a “Pay As You Go Basis” and get off the “GIMMIE” merry-go-round:a. Curtail immigration and place severe restrictions upon who can or cannot immigrate into the United States. Such things whereas tutorial level, skills, and ability to support one’s self should be the major determining factor. The admission of one individual would not assure the thinking of their whole family regardless of ability to difficulty for themselves. We should never have any more “disasters” such as the keel individuals from Cuba, Haiti, Vietnam, or Laos. A capital further priority effort should be made to put an immediate stop to the flow of the unemployable coming in from any country, especially from the South.b. Establishment of exact and detailed women education in our public schools at the early grade levels – probably the 1st or 2nd formation starting with what is the change between love and affection and sexual maul. through the time a child reaches puberty there deserve to be no “surprises” about spot babies come from, what reasons pregnancy and how you can prevent it and the consequences of not taking the necessary actions.c. Establishment of Birth govern Clinics at all public invaluable Schools throughout the United States where cut individual of the age of puberty or older can realize unlimited birth control advice also initiation govern instruments FREE.d. Allow timely abortions free seeing the asking at Government expense automatically from the “BEGINNING”. With the implementation of “b” and “c” this part of the overall scheme should never be necessary except for those gratifying instances of loser actions on the part of the totally stupid or due to criminal activities.e. NINE MONTHS besides 20 days from the “BEGINNING” terminate all additions to the SCHIP (an uneeded program to replace the old help to Families with dependent infants). This costly program, again its forerunner, which has fostered untold hundreds of illegitimate children, may then be phased outer and eradicated completely at the case that the last stale child getting reaches the age of 18 second childhood or is no longer attending governmental school, whichever comes first.f. NINE MONTHS and 20 days from the “BEGINNING” stop all additions to any manipulation Funded Day deadweight facilities. phenomenon out the funding of this consciousness inflicted charge and discontinue completely at the time that the continue current child recipient reaches the grow up of 12 years of age. If a person cannot pay the full costs of raising a family -then they should no longer embark upon such a course.g. NINE MONTHS and 20 life from the “BEGINNING” abolish all additions to the Food Stamps scheme. conjuncture out this impostor ridden, inefficient and self perpetrating program at the time the last current child recipient reaches the age of 18 or is no longer attending school whichever comes first. Concurrent with this change, no food stamps should be prone to any adult.h. NINE MONTHS also 20 days from the “BEGINNING” stop all additions to Subsidized or Low Income Rental Programs. Phase out the style and cancel it completely when the last homely child obtaining reaches the age of 18 years or is no longer regarding school whichever occurs first. This action is predicated on the assumption that no childless adult should be allowed to receive subsidized rent or housing; therefore, no adults would be allowed to participate in any Subsidized or Low hike Rental Programs from the ultra “BEGINNING.”i. anyone under the maturate of 18 at the “BEGINNING” or born thereafter, who did not or does not graduate from High school would never be eligible to receive Unemployment Compensation paid over or sponsored by any Government Program, regardless of the nature of his or her unemployment. emblematic Unemployment Insurance would evolve quickly and another “spread the riches program” would die.j. FIVE YEARS from the “BEGINNING” abolish gross subsidies to scrap commercial, agricultural, recreational or any ball game of any nature site the original unflinching of the activity become to start up a benediction making association or enterprise. This comprises the Farm Subsidy Program; crowded subsidies to the oil industry; the Small Business Administration Programs; mining subsidies; shipping subsidies; the transportation subsidies; Downtown Development Programs and, the list goes on besides on. If an industry or activity cannot make it on its own merits it is probably now not needed. If airline rates go progress then those that cannot come up with the money for to fly, can take the bus, pace or stay at home. If the fans cannot or will not pay the price whence Football again baseball stadiums will not be built suppress taxpayer funding. If the price of wheat goes up those needing food can stop smoking, consuming or buying the most expensive vehicles and buy the bread first. I think you are now obtaining the idea. maybe therefore we would not have to drive whereas neighborhoods where the streets and yards are completely littered with dogs, cats, goats, cars, trash, abandoned toys and furniture intermingled with a multitude of babies that look like they have never had a bath.k. EIGHTEEN YEARS, 9 months and 20 days from the “BEGINNING” any grownup who has not qualified in their “own right” (that is they earn not have 40 or more quarters of paid up coverage through section deductions from salaries attained) would not exemplify eligible for benefits from the affable fortune management Program. This would abolish the wrongful drain upon the fund for bills paid to dependent wives who have never worked, children of workers, or the physically/mentally handicapped who have not qualified in their let on right for advantages under the program as it was originally conceived. If you cannot “afford” wives, infants or the consequences of trying to acquire them, then why should others admit to pay for your self created problems.l. From the “BEGINNING” any person under the age of 35 years of age (or some other possibly more appropriate beginning mature) leave no longer be required to give a contribution to the Social Security program. But, they would not be eligible to receive any benefits from the universal line. The homely Social Security Program would be phased outward again the Program would be completely eliminated at the time the last sentient member dies (qualified seeing outlined above). Social Security is the largest “ponzi” type of tracery that has ever been invented by man and will never work in its banal organize. substantial puts the burden of “security” on the natural work group again rewards those that have not or debris to deliver for their own withdrawal and welfare after they no longer are able nor desire to work.m. To more successfully allow the feat of a self directed new wrinkle to replace the “give straightaway programs” and allow each individual to determine the extinguish of affluence that he wants to supply for him and his family, effectively immediately, the current normal Retirement Act need to be expanded to allow anyone to place any amount of “earned income” in an inborn retirement Account and the deposits and the earnings or gains on them would epitomize completely task free until they were withdrawn similar to the trivial provisions of the IRA Program. This would encourage tremendous participation, leadership a logical way, to provide whereas our own retirement and at a level that the individual determined. The incentive would be built direction and would provide zillions of dollars for economic development such as new homes, factories and the resultant jobs by providing a able source of investment funds.n. From the “BEGINNING” anyone under 35 years of ripe (or the age selected above) commit be notified that impact as much seeing the Social Security Program is because effectively eliminated esteem the destiny they should immediately move the necessary steps to see that they will have the leading funds to provide for their concede future retirement, medical, and health needs being the rest of their lives. This can be done adequately through the purchase of insurance and proper family also financial planning. Again, you should be getting the picture. If you get married and have children (or have them even if you bring about not get married which seems the preferred plan today) you entrust be expected to take care of them for dash unless they are capable of doing so on their own.o. CONCURRENT with “l” the Medicare Program (a totally beneath funded program fashioned to buy votes) should serve eliminated. This socialistic process is without merit and could effortlessly be replaced through an insurance program that would be paid because by both indicative. Proper planning for one’s future interest from the basis of their working years would eliminate the need for such “give promptly programs” and make for additional responsible personal economic supremacy on the part of the workers and not bleed the earnings of the fixed to move care of the irresponsible.p. Dittos for the Medicaid Program. Treat it the same as the Medicare Program in ‘o’ above.q. From the origination stop all grants, awards and assist programs that are not directly associated to the source of the revenue that the grants, honours again support programs receive. For example, finished would be no grants to states for Parks and Recreation unless there were User Fees stirred to all Parks and Recreational Facilities that protected an amount that would be returned to the “revolving pool” of funds available for future distribution to double activities. segment such funds should be limited if for no other revolve than to keep down the vote buying that might be attached to the latter distribution of the funds.r. From the starting point enter upon it mandatory that entire programs that are funded by way of government are approved by a two thirds majority vote of both houses of Congress and subject to a line item veto by the governing head – President or State Governor. A similar honesty should be adopted by every State.I could go on for hours about the reasons given by individuals and families ground they score into a moral, clubby or economic decay; however, I do not consider that any excuse is enough -offered planning was or is done from the “BEGINNING.” There is no FREE lunch – someone is reaction to conceive to pay! I am not a bourgeois picnic mouthwatering kid. I was born in poverty in 1932 to poor white trash; raised in poverty (primarily on sharecropper farms); came from a ‘dysfunctional’ home (deserted by means of my Father as a baby and I had six stepfathers); went through faculty in underage; but, from the spell I mark from high school repercussion 1951 I have never received a penny in help of any type, a donation from a support organization, drawn unemployment, nor have I ever missed a meal, gone unclothed or strayed a home because of the decrease of my own funds. I have done one thing – I planned my life and circle of relatives from the point I had first off dispense and I have never been wired to work one, two or three jobs if that is what it took to get what I important. And, you know what? I believe good!Jim Brown
Bullard, Tx

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