The us department of commerce of Chinese oil tube 15.78%

The us department of commerce of Chinese oil tube 15.78% 10.3% to implement the countervailing duties, component of sanctions goods cost per ton increase to $117 307, CBN from China steel enterprise internal yesterday, China export of oil pipe nearly zero!

A U.S. oil tube is the largest value for China initiated antidumping, anti-subsidy nearly 27 meg dollar quantity involved. The survey, the agency imported from China 2008 26.3 billion in 2007, oil pipe of estimate growth supplementary than twice as likely now ($750 million). 2006-2008 imports from China rose 203% oil tube.

The countervailing the preliminary decision to zhejiang healthy strength enterprise Co., 15.78% reaches the highest load collection, The laith grease of wuxi special pipe manufacturing Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “the rice”), tianjin steel group Co., LTD and jiangsu often baosteel tube Co., ltd., the anxiety levied 14.61% respectively, 10.36% 11.98% and other Chinese manufacturers to levy taxes for 13.20%. In anti-dumping, 37 Chinese corporations face of 36.53% ~ 99.14% punitive tariff.

While U.S. programs, according to the international trade commission in 2010 on January 7 will anti-subsidy whether formally effective decision, but HuaLing hunan steel [its]] – 6.77% Co., ltd., chief economist Yang to impart CBN, in fact, macro yesterday after cutting them at bequeath notify the customs, tax payment according to the requirements of major enterprises chief deposits or guarantee, relevant taxes under consideration ahead of the fact.

HuaLing embolden is main home galvanize producers, 2007, force 2008, but for American exports to the macro, Yang from 2007 HuaLing started to comfort exports postulate been keyed to the center East, now mainly exports this year, oil producer of beauty is zero.

High countervailing duties levied via the west’s rice also halted oil tube of export. This company no.48 cheng minister told the reporters last company exports more than 40 tons of oil pipe, only exquisite tons, the exterior market enjoin is the main reason, the “double reverse” is “to” investigation.

Because the customer with consumers rice agreement subscribed by the buyer is to import declaration, so if the anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and will be borne via the buyer, “though taxes without us, but will inactive be at our patrons consign naturally subscribe here.” Cheng, well-timed to the different specifications minister says, a ton of export 800 Wells in 2000 dollars, 14.61% accept as true with the countervailing duties, the buyer shall green the cost per ton increase to $117 with America, the 307 than local products lose many competitive.

“According to the data obtained from the customs, China’s exports to the United States beside the first oil transmit number is almost zero, equivalent as America, punitive tariffs on a levy is five years, China’s organisations can also not to exports is five years.” Cheng captain pointed out the company mainly to the Middle East oil tube to export.

Notable is, over the past two years, China’s exports already of 4 kinds of embolden products were imposed anti-dumping and counteractive duties, which is circular tube welding, thin-wall rectangular tubes, caliber pipe channel and tube welding stainless prick pressure. The “suffer” oil tube is the largest proportion of China’s export products, seamless brighten tube of unseamed steel main and high value-added products, steel main types of products. Reporter learned from the customs, 1 ~ 10 months chinese export 482.9 tons of oil pipe, seamless steel exports nearly 400 million tons. Last year, China’s export oil tube became 40 million ~ 60 consistent with month, and this month only be 20 million ~ 28 million tons.

Angang guomao, a source of oil pipe in Chinese exports close to zero, the situation is still in the old Chinese enterprises and the dominion of dumping data is now not fair, due allowance tax to the sell demand and American exports decreased, the deed will apportion the domestic doorstep and convey greater pressure production enterprise.

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