The supposedly republican Tigray controlled regime peremptorily introduced administrative adjustments

The supposedly republican Tigray controlled regime peremptorily introduced administrative adjustments in order to bring discord among Abyssinia€™s various oppressed peoples in an effort to eternalize the Semitic (amhara and Tigray) minority€™s grip on power. This created a traditionally unique case of three politically different €“ yet tyrannical €“ regimes (structure €“ imperial, 3rd World Communist, and €˜liberal€™ republican) that all perpetuated in the stable country the smooth stew directives further guidelines towards a great number of oppressed peoples of the plenary Kushitic majority (Oromos, Ogadenis, Afars, Sidamas and others totaling more than 70% of the population).

Despite the fact that the administrative changes were shamelessly hailed by the immense Tigray dictator Meles Zenawi€™s Western supporters, they only contributed to worsening the social life€™s conditions, weakening the economic progress chances, and frustrating the political aspirations of Abyssinia€™s oppressed peoples.

Presently, Abyssinia€™s provinces are named after the peoples who inhabit them. This sounds good, but it consists respective in an appearance of classless practices; unduly arbitrarily, several towns have been taken out of their context and unreal independent €˜provinces€™. In the polished access we have Afar province, Tigray province, Amhara province, somali field (: Ogaden), and Oromia, we attest bogus-provinces groove on desperate Dawa, Harar and €˜Addis Ababa€™, which is a make-believe name due to the Oromian capital Finfinne. Yet, severe Dawa is just a city, also the eld of the local dudes is Oromo; it belongs to Oromia in the same way module other city colonised by a majority of Oromos. Harar is at the confines between Oromia and Ogaden, whereas Addis Ababa ought to show renamed Finfinne, and grow into part of the Oromia province.

Wolassa Kumo, a Sidama intellectual reveals Abyssinia€™s Treacherous Face

The emphatically aberrational perfidy was attempted in the tyrannical country€™s South-Western confines where the province offer was not given after the majority people, the Sidamas. That province was named “South abyssinia Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region”! It includes the Sidamas and many other lower peoples in an effort to de-Sidamaize the southernmost confines of the loathsome dominance seeing the imposition of Amhara €“ not Sidaamuaffo (Sidama language) €“ in that official language, and through the discord diffused between the Sidamas and the loads of inferior peoples.

To offer a public tribune to a an expert and eloquent ungrown Sidama intellectual, who currently prepares his Ph.D. in South Africa, and to shed more light on one of the most stubborn political machinations of the Tigray managed Abyssinian tyranny, we publish here integrally an article written by Wolassa Kumo that lets us plainly understand why the Sidama people, in their most determined struggle for National independence and Self-Determination, reject the name, the concept, and the prolongation of the fallacious machination named “South Ethiopia Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region”.

No one should overlook that behind Starbucks€™ famous brand Sidama, there is a Great African Epic and Tragedy, widely unheard of in the Western World.

Yet, the world would gain in terms of mitzvah and Dignity if everyone sipping some pleasing Sidama espresso realized that the Sidamas deserve our care, our concern, again our commitment.

Why Do Sidama Reject SENNPR?

By Wolassa L. Kumo

There are several purposes why Sidama also I scorn the so known as South Ethiopia Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region (SENNPR). It is the fabrication of TPLF in 1993 magnetism order to serve the subsequent objectives:

First, closely control besides undermine the Sidama struggle for household self ascendancy by denying the Sidama people its own local status. The Sidama people had full regional rank in Ethiopia since they lost their independent statehood in 1893 following the glorious conquest by Minelik. Although the ruling Amharas gave the bastardised name of “Sidamo” to the Sidama and other Kushitic groups such as the Guji Oromos and the Borena Oromos, the Sidama people have never had regional arrangements that denied their identity. steady the Dergue retained the Sidama administrative region although present included unrelated Kushitic groups such considering the Guji Oromos and other smaller ones. When undivided Oromos power the vicinity of Sidama were covered into the Oromia region next the change influence 1991, the Sidama area was redemarcated to include Sidama and other smaller Kushitic groups. That arrangement turned into permit. However, in 1993, TPLF unilaterally decided to modify the Sidama region and other 4 regions in South Ethiopia which were mainly inhabited by the a lot of tribes of Bantu and Nilotic origin relaxation one individual region of South Ethiopia nations nationalities also peoples region (SENNPR) with its first-rate weight Awassa, the capital of Sidama.

By reality so the TPLF successfully diverted besides bummed out graded the Sidama struggle being self determination into the struggle for recognition of regional status. Since 1993 several Sidamas have been killed imprisoned, lacerated and forced to leave the country because of their continued rejection of the amalgamation of 45 different tribes in the south into one pseudo politico-administrative region. The can even 24, 2002 Loqqe massacre is the direct arrangement of the negative of the SENNPR and the struggle for regional consciousness determination. The 45 tribes belong to 4 major origins of the peoples in the continent. These are (a) the Kushitic peoples: Sidama, Alaba, Xamabro, Qeweena and Hadiya; (b) the omotic (bantu) peoples-Wolayita, Gamo Gofa, Kulo Konta, Dawuro, etc, (c) the dinka (the south western Sudanese peoples-Nur, Anuwak, etc ) besides (d) some organizations of the Tigre and Amhara origin living in south called the Gurages. This association is deliberately aimed at undermining the Sidama€™s jaunt for regional self determination. The Sidama people are the particular majority ethnic group esteem the entire southern region. Sidama solitary constitutes almost one-third of the entire population of the Southern region and include Alaba, Xambaro further Qewenna as other Sidamas outside of the Sidama boundary in the region.

Apart from this, Sidama has a long history of armed struggle and resistance towards the Abyssinian hindrance. later the withdrawal of Italy after the Second World War, Sidamas waged national struggle against the ethiopian rule in the Arbegona, Shabadino, Bansa, Alata and Arroressa districts for several years. Notable leaders and the Sidama heroes of the liberation struggle include Wena Hankarso, Yetera Boole, Hushala Xaadiso, statute Fichcho, Lanqamo Naare and Takilu Yota. The Sidama people fought the military regime of Mengistu Haile Mariam being 6 full years between 1977-1983 and were able to liberate the three remote districts of Arbegona, Bansa and Arroressa from the tough military rule for 6 oldness. The Borrichcha uprisings of 1978 in Shabadino district and the Wotara Rassa uprisings of the same juncture domination Awassa district are the culminating examples of the Sidama resistance venture. The Sidamas suppose now not accepted the TPLF subjection with out resistance either. The Arroressa battle between TPLF soldiers and the Sidama freedom opponents in 1993 was a shocking lesson to TPLF. certain is as a result of of this that the TPLF regime wants to encircle the Sidama people cache 45 smaller nations further nationalities with no or limited history of resistance to the Abyssinian rules in edict to stereotyped the entire southern peoples for perpetual slavery, illiteracy besides starvation.

The second objective considering the creation of SENNPR is to divert money government budget from the lapsed 5 independent regions of south Ethiopia to the booming Tigray region mark the north. In Ethiopia the minor central force budget subsidy to the regions is allocated based on the regional criteria. while faultless other areas sway Ethiopia are based on ethnic demarcations, forty five ethnic groups in the South are pressured to mean in the ghetto of the SENNPR. Thus, even though the Tigray region with the estimated population of 3.5 meg gets direct central government subsidy of 500 million birr per moment officially (and billions of birr unofficially) as of 2002 the SENNPR ditch over 15 meg people gets 800 million birr per year. Sidama with an estimated body politic of 5 million gets one fifth of what the Tigray region receives. More than 10 huge manufacturing industries have been built in Tigray in the past 15 caducity while not a single manufacturing essay has been built in the entire south since TPLF took over in 1991. This ensures lasting underdevelopment, illiteracy, doting and starvation in the southern region so that its people consign continue to be at the mercy of the TPLF food handouts obtained by begging the international group. In this way the regime ensures that the Southern peoples will not be able to face up to the injustices of the alternating Abyssinian rules. apart from this, the stretching darkens of the SENNPR capability that the alternating Abyssinian rulers can continually exploit the rich and untapped natural components of the South and the South will continue to be the supplier of raw materials to the capacious industries in the Tigray region. This signifies the extra centre-periphery relationship character Tigray dominated ethiopia. If SENNPR is dismantled it is not only the Sidama individuals who leave benefit actualize it. It is all the 45 nations and nationalities who bequeath benefit form the change. eminently of the 45 international locations and nationalities are very underdeveloped flush by the Ethiopian standard and are subterranean at the back of even from Sidama. Sidama produces major cash plants such as coffee and is pretty more desirable off by the Ethiopian standard. populous of the 45 tribes live significance areas absolutely in available to the modern world. And yet the leaders of these areas are forced to waste the little budget allocated to develop their locations by travelling hundreds of kilometres from the Sudanese border (such as Nur and Anuak) and Kenyan border (approximative for Ari and Mursi Bodi) to Awassa (which is 275 km to the South of Finfine (Addis Ababa)) for two day meetings. What the waste of time and components. The individuals of the South are being used as guinea pigs by the bogus TPLF regime.

The third objective of setting up SENNPR is to use the 45 tribes or value groups to the South further South westerly of Oromia as a bulwark against the Oromo nationalism. South Ethiopia is encircled completely between the Oromia area in the north, east and south east and Kenya in the south and Sudan predominance the west. If 5 independent regions of the south are left to develop alone they can pose a potential risk to the Abyssinian rule because some of these regions notoriety the southward such as Sidama have closer link with the Oromo people than most of the southern tribes also can forge an alliance that can institute to a greater resistance to the Abyssinian rules. By isolating Sidama and other Kushitic groups in the southward from their Oromo brothers, TPLF wants to create an gainsaying Oromo entity to the southward of Oromia which it can manipulate from a single build in Awassa town. The lengthened clashes among Sidama and Oromo peoples living around Awassa metropolis for the grazing land is a typical example how TPLF instigates conflicts and hatred among the oppressed peoples to retain its brutal rule.

However, the Sidama struggle for nearby self determination will always continue. The Sidama people will in the near future, enjoy freedom, hizzoner and democracy in their land.

Note: In the picture we have a commonplace Sidama landscape.

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