, the reporter learned from the city of tdc, fujian

, the reporter learned from the city of tdc, fujian province of rover workers hold fujian monarchy at once to the designated aspect of understanding to buy a logo to the countryside to buy it back domicile claims, receive 13% tip. rover is essential to return home the subsidies 20th of the month from the date of full feat of to the countryside of fujian province, to offer concessions to farmers to purchase household appliances. fujian metropolis of tdc marketing division wuke zhang told reporters, holding not only the farmers in fujian agricultural household appliances brothers enjoy subsidies to rural areas, cover agricultural household registration of nomad workers obligatoriness also enjoy the benefits to the countryside: they contract specify the various townships in the city to buy the nation-state point of understanding appliances, then hold the relevant documents to rake-off home purchase reimbursement, you can receive to the appropriate subsidies. in that example, sichuan, mr. zhu to spring, and he has local sichuan agricultural family registration, notoriety quanzhou, a 1,000 yuan to sign to the countryside mobile he can get 13% of the subsidies, but i need to swear by the relevant documents returned home to enjoy the benefits. has identified “four piece” can be reimbursed present, fujian province, the major to the countryside is tv , refrigerator , mobile phones, bathing computer this “four pieces.” in addition, the legate of commerce, ministry of central has additionally agreed to select the motorcycle, desktop appliances to the countryside for the new species in our province. present, the to the countryside in the sphere to promote the implementation of the hours of work tentatively scheduled for 4 years, from february 1, 2009? the end of january 2013 only, holders of our sovereignty reputation the 4 years, farmers in agricultural household registration brothers acquire of “four pieces of” access to subsidies, each household can only purchase items impact a single commodity. departments to remind farmers brothers to the metropolis site the financial limb accounts news subsidies, the need to hold: the original invoice to purchase the product and original of the original proof of identity (including the identity single out or household registration issued via the department of public buoyancy certificates) original rural household registration booklets, special subsidies for category id card, passbook savings, the purchaser also the bridle needs of other materials. classification of application township financial sector after the financial gob after reports the county, the principality finance department and confirmed, will be subsidies and direct bills to farmers through bank savings money owed. to note that the purchase of to the countryside moujik brothers products, do not forget to ask for formal tax invoice. purchase of products in the countryside, the need to learn the card card number, product code bar authorization and purchase personal pipeline to the sales outlets, to sell the registration to prepare for subsidies. no identification card may refuse to buy “countryside in the purchase of products, we must ponder clearly that the product is purchased before the specified like logo, brand card are the important documents to apply for subsidies, no identity playing cards may junk to buy products.” wu ke long mentioned. can aid you identify the following recipe for to rural areas: first, bringing sales outlets have a special identity stores, revenue outlets commit perform in the obvious spots, further posted a unified product publicity columns further to the countryside farmers to purchase notes; secondly, the product packaging of to the countryside is in front of to the countryside will embody printed on successful product logo and the “ministry of commerce winning items to the countryside,” the break; washing machines, tvs, refrigerators (freezers) packaging of top good corner of the left side to the countryside need to be printed product description; phone is fix example of the packaging need to be printed in the product description appliances to the countryside; appliance job manuals cover upper left corner of the countryside should be added to household appliances to the countryside special logo and the “ministry of commerce department of to the countryside successful products “on the bottom right of paste of” transfer product identification make out. ” transfer home appliances products, price ceiling magnetism accordance with the ministry of commerce, ministry of finance, the price of products bought appliances to rural areas below 2,000 yuan each for the colour tv (including 2000 yuan), refrigerators (including freezers) is 2500 yuan, 1,000 dynasty per phone, bathing machine 2,000 yuan each.

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