The morning, from Yangjiang in windless areas, working in Panyu

The morning, from Yangjiang in windless areas, working in Panyu of Huang took 67 workers to the Panyu brief in Guangzhou, a “collective Home Appliances Great buy “.” I crave to buy TV , Lao Qiu non-buy cellular We do now not make up their mind. “Huang told reporters. Farmers: most want to buy lcd TVs and mobile phones Huang enthusiastic purchasing appliances and variant friends of farmers, absolute is Guangdong “Appliances to the countryside,” a vivid apple of a finished start. the day past (February 10, 2009), duty-bound in Panyu, Guangdong Province, the provincial government in the promotion of home appliances to the nation-state launch formally opened a period of 4 years work off household appliances to the countryside, Vice-Governor Tong Xing part in the do ceremony and speech, Guangzhou city Standing Committee, Vice Mayor Li Rongcan attended the development. Reporter at the pipeline about 10 chums of farmers on the “purchase intention” to conduct a survey and actualize that the most popular LCD TVs again mobile phones. Manufacturer: home appliances to the countryside is the Government to help enterprises Galanz Executive Vice President Yuyao Chang Warns that many companies exist in the home appliances to the countryside during the orientation bias of the question, “home appliances to the countryside is not a motion to support the Government, however the government to help businesses and farmers.” Yuyao Chang that the company only to rural market as a shrewd market, not a foreshorten inventory of “trash” importance bring sore to continue to “deep plowing,” the rural doorstep. Tips How lots subsidy? Unified 13%. Provincial economic and Trade fee authority to explain, subsidies are based on the final sale price to calculate market, the subsidy amount of uniform 13% for the transaction price. If a cell phone price 1100 yuan, actual company is 1,000 yuan, 1,000 dynasty as subsidies is 13%, or 130 yuan. When the delivery? No later than next day delivery. Reporter learned from the sales office, if not a holiday, the afternoon will be able to buy new tv laptop introduced to farmers, buy holiday is next day delivery. subsequent receiving buyers can with items in the identity card tally to practice for subsidies. Ye receive subsidies? Will be handled because soon as feasible. legion villagers to receive subsidies for the procedures further time are still many questions, the reporter salt away the Provincial department of Finance informed the head of the Guangdong provincial district towns are perfect financial subsidy program, has no longer hereafter fully completed, but the looked toward destiny leave open, “township finances will be handled thanks to soon as possible.” restrictions? enlargement to shake hands four. Product price ceiling: television 2,000 yuan / Taiwan refrigerator (Including freezers) 2500 yuan / Taiwan, phone a thousand yuan / department, washing desktop 2000 yuan / Taiwan. Subsidies in a cycle, each within the scope of subsidies to farmers to buy color TV sets, refrigerators (freezers), mobile phones, washing machines for each type of product now not more than one, obligatoriness only buy 4. Six steps 1. Brought integral my ID card further residence booklet; 2. Go to the local government designated sales outlets; 3. Purchase the items identified with home appliances to the countryside; 4. Ask for regular invoices; 5. Verification, identity cards and brochure saving products; 6. Prepare invoices, appliance identification card and household registration book, ID card and the purchaser-specific books, to home home equipment as the local rural finance subsidies.


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