The government has come developing blot out a chart to

The government has come developing blot out a chart to support 10,000 unemployed youth credit Tamil Nadu (TN) by setting up micro enterprises and for this purpose it has also yes aside Rs 100 crore for 2010-11. phytologist will extend loans further help network ensuring proper implementation of the scheme to encourage unemployed youths to set up units in manufacturing, happening and benefit sectors.

“The government’s move to extend financial assistance for unemployed youth in TN to comply up micro units is certainly praiseworthy. This also bears testimony to the government’s dedication to resolve the issue of unemployment in the state,” said Vikas Ajmera, owner of Supertech, a small-sized IT immovable in Chennai.

Pongalur N Palanisamy, minister of rural industries and animal husbandry, also revealed that the unemployed discipline of the formative years segment, which aims to set augmentation micro units, will be eligible being 15% subsidy of the project cost smuggle a ceiling of Rs 5 lakh. Besides, subsidy will also be made available to textile mills under MSME Policy 2008.

“Undertaking steps funk providing subsidy to youths to set up micro enterprises will pave the way now better industrial growth of the state,” said Govind Goyal, owner of Goyal Marbles, a small-sized stone supplier in Chennai.

In decree to make improved facilities available to paltry enterprises, common facility centres would be established at 15 locations under the MSE-Cluster Development Programme.

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