, The communicator found out from the Finance Bureau of

, The communicator found out from the Finance Bureau of Shijiazhuang City, Shijiazhuang City "Appliances to the geographical region "Working now on a complete financial subsidies to start. positive is estimated that there are 1.66 million farmers in Shijiazhuang, the implementation of this projection thanks to four years, the maximum practicable countryside home home equipment Product sales of 5.8 million units, driving more than 11 billion yuan consumption. "Countryside" case 2013 perceptible is understood, Shijiazhuang City, "home appliances to the countryside," the implementation of time to January 31, 2013. According to Stone City branch of Finance to concerned parties, the State provides that "appliances to the countryside" monopoly the unity of the various areas the timing of feat is tentatively up for a four-year implementation duration Shijiazhuang to jan 31, 2013. Current "home home equipment to the countryside" variety of products includingTV, Refrigerator (Including freezers), cellular And Washing machine, cost ceiling was 2,000 yuan, 2,500 yuan, 1,000 yuan, 2,000 dynasty. "Appliances to the countryside," a standard financial subsidies for 13% of striving prices, farmers earn up to 975 yuan per household financial subsidies. Subsidies focused at the city’s households, each household to purchase the number of each category of product subsidies for not more than 1 sets (pieces), across cities and counties to purchase, but the declaration of subsidies to farmers when the account must be located, with relevant proof to the township (town ) finance because processing. in accordance to reports, after the financial department of Shijiazhuang City has done a series of preparatory work, speculate and conceive a "household appliances to the countryside" financial subsidy funds management. For managing subsidies boundness be obtained to declareFrom the city since February 27 communes (towns) can be financial as farmers received subsidies for consumers to declare. As of february 26, the city has launched a comprehensive system of financial subsidies to the network, from February 27 communes from the city (city) reported financial subsidies received by farmers can exhibit the customer. On the financial department and the county level that meet the conditions within 30 days of special funds by the chief ad hoc accounts to "card" approach to subsidies paid at once to farmers. Benefit farmers as a new spunky agricultural engineering, "home appliances to the countryside" involves a wide affiliate of financial subsidies, the arduous tasks, duties and responsibilities. To ensure the smooth progress of this work, protect competent financial departments at all levels of staff, feat of the subsidy chicamin accounts, ensure financial confidence. Refinement of the area to come across county and township funds specific oversight measures or the Regulations, the township will also finance the establishment of flow charts, Billboard News Rural areas do not appreciate subsidies owing to household appliances over the price-capNewswire (press Zhang Cheng Yi), "home appliances to the countryside" rush around the time throughout the country, some provinces and some home appliance sales outlets selling price, however far additional than the government’s price cap. Recently, the State consulate of Commerce issued a circular that vendors selling "home appliances to the countryside" products while the product selling price can no longer be higher than the price ceiling, or boundness not enjoy the financial subsidy of 13%. "Appliances to the countryside when farmers buy must understand the cost ceiling set by the state." relevant head of insular finance department, said home appliances to the countryside should also swallow the proposal access name to verify trial model domestic appliances to the countryside and the register of sales outlets, otherwise it will not be subsidized. In addition, for advance of policy, does not fulfill the commitments and successful advance agreement, charlatan subsidies, entrapping and harming behavior and disrupt the market order, the deposit consign express withheld until the cancellation to "home appliances to the countryside" products and successful business qualifications punishment.


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