The central bequest finances fix 2009 amounted to 13.0 billion,

The central bequest finances fix 2009 amounted to 13.0 billion, thereby driving sales of agricultural products, nearly 400 million, plus matching subsidies to finance local capital, driving sales of farm machinery will be more. Agricultural subsidies, principally in the purchase of tractor, rice transplanter, harvester and other products, these is to promote the advancement of China’s major agricultural items. It can produce said to subsidize agricultural advertising has entered the era of marketing.‚€š‚ ‚€š‚ ‚€š‚ ‚€š‚ First, look at from the product. Subsidies to marketing to product advertising role influence promoting the very large. First, where the incremental revenue of subsidized products are great, but not sales of subsidized products declined. sphere half is to promote the strain to the amass in horsepower extension of the number of species is elaborating rapidly. According to the statistics, in 2005 into the largest subsidies to the directory just whereas 100 horsepower tractors, but access to the directory in 2009 to sign 265 extortion. three is the product reliability has improved rapidly. Product catalog used considering subsidies province, the Ministry of 2 selection, network particular the common categories of products first selected countries to support the merchandising of the directory can be certain for tell subsidies directory, thus the promotion of the training sense and duplicability improvement. Latest data show that: Recently, the Ministry has embarked on a subsidy equipment quality supervision situation, farmers subsidies to equipment quality and satisfactory after-sales furtherance business. It is worth mentioning that the year 2010, a new around of state-sponsored promotional catalog to adjust the forthcoming declaration, the enterprise’s registered capital and encircle of staff made clear the basic initiation requirements, the aim of guaranteeing the nation to promote the items of its manufacturing enterprises have a certain degree of strength better capable to protect the interests of farmers, while also aid close the agricultural structure to support the dashing supporting the superior.‚€š‚ ‚€š‚ ‚€š‚ ‚€š‚ Second, the price in perspective. Statement on the traditional agricultural marketing to the process under average event there is indivisible one price system, nothingness is based on revenue volume or poles apart circumstances that give rebates. However, in subsidies for marketing era has formed a set of subsidies for the price of marketing concepts and systems. The beyond few years, the catalog price subsidies to subsidized price ceiling, and then to require subsidized price in 2009 shall not exceed the backed price in 2008. Subsidies in 2009, prior to implementation money shape in 2009 the price-cap adjustments as the internal price, consider allowing the farmers to bargain. This shows that the authorities wish to adopt a market-oriented entrance subsidized expenses since that farmers get the uttermost benefits. However, as users and consumers as a weakness, to subsidize the indicators importance now not meet user requirements, product configuration and regional adaptation are very different circumstances, the negotiation of natural a mere formality.‚€š‚ ‚€š‚ ‚€š‚ ‚€š‚ Of course, due to the restricted subsidy indicators, dual between the regions due to various product imbalance between the amount of subsidies, so there are still some regional FALSIFYING, which FALSIFYING product prices, then there exists considerable arbitrariness. Some tactics in terms of, this is a manifestation of the sell economy.‚€š‚ ‚€š‚ ‚€š‚ ‚€š‚ The third is from the channel perspective. A subsidy distribution channels tarpaulin the thorough country has been basically formed, which is based on agricultural subsidies broker option authorities insist the principle recommended by the manufacturer. In triumph the fewer the number of dealers to subsidize the more survival of the fittest is not conducive to the industry. Another characteristic is that changing patterns of distribution channels, from the "production company – buyers – user" of the classic model into a "production companies, distributors and users around the goals for a subsidy transfer" model. A number of officers and ball game backgrounds, dealers got here into since. The traditional assets of squeezed margins are subject to certain dealers have been some of the functions of the weakening.‚€š‚ ‚€š‚ ‚€š‚ Fourth, from the marketing perspective. "Buy Farm Machinery, enjoying state subsidies" has become the natural choice for the user. Access to subsidies, marketing era, no longer in the traditional specialty of the merchandising. Subsidies to become the largest promoting point. The door should be labeled as well as distributors of "national subsidies to designated dealers," the word. So enterprises in the promotional materials, advertising, products, also have to be included in state-subsidized listing whereas a advertising term. repercussion recent years, rural force department of the on-site meetings, presentations have become an alternative way of sales promotion.‚€š‚ ‚€š‚ ‚€š‚ ‚€š‚ With the gradual increase in funding subsidies, rural marketing, consign appear as the GSP, which the transition to a immense marketing phase.

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