Strong domestic demand as a internal initiative launched?? “Home AppliancesThe

Strong domestic demand as a internal initiative launched?? “Home AppliancesThe countryside “, was officially launched on December 1. From February 1 next year, the province leave have the honor farmers to subscribe the financial component of the Government subsidy of home appliances. Department of commerce responsible person, at mention in our province,” bringing home appliances “Work is of the preparatory phase. Judged from the county of all household electrical appliance enterprises have expressed great interest force this. Hainan in feb next year, “home home equipment to the countryside” according to a recent Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of commerce formally released the “promotion of home home equipment to the countryside program”, volume expansion, the countryside is also the original home appliancesTV,Mobile,Refrigerator? Point freezer? Snow on the basis of increasedWashing machine, To account for sales of financial resources to farmers greater from 15% during the unity of the usher adjusted to 13%. shake on a ceiling price of the subsidized products, color TV no more than two thousand dollars further not more than 2500 yuan refrigerators, washing machines, not more than two thousand dollars, phone is not more than 1000 yuan. Promotion in the recently held meeting of the legate of Finance, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Industry further Information Technology jointly announced the feat of domestic appliances to the countryside at the time of unification of all areas tentative four years. Province as a “home appliances below the village,” the third installment of practice areas, from February 1, 2009 from the Executive to the end of january 2013. Farmers to buy fresh affordable home appliances Under “appliances to the nation-state to promote the program of work”, the latest in February next year, consumers buy the majority of farmers in Hainan appliances, you can enjoy 13% of financial subsidies. department of trade official referred to the province “appliances to the countryside” is analysis work of the preparatory phase, the province of all household electrical appliance organizations have expressed eminent interest leverage this. Mannings besides the tune of this town, the villagers learned of the news Wang said, “and looked toward year, I will okay a color TV and washing machine, later on at home watchingTVThe. “His family has a old 20-inch TV,” he is out of town relatives to us after, and can separate see eight sets, actually inconvenient. The former would like to buy a new TV earlier than the come forth Festival, about to spend two thousand dollars, if enjoy state subsidies, obligatoriness save 260 yuan, which really happy! ” Such owing to the Wang family in the Mannings not unusual influence slow areas. communicator noted that tremendously families have TV, but as refrigerators, washing machines besides other appliances in the ownership rate is not exceptional. In contrast, some of the conjugal the family home appliances more, if DVD, audio and so on. “Hope Hainan primary implementation of the Central Policy? preserved permit us farmers to improvement the fruits of straighten out and opening up.” Wang said, the implementation of this policy, he intended to buy color TV sets, bathing machines, refrigerators and other appliances, about to spend hundreds of element, since government subsidies, curtailment more than 1000 yuan. prestige interviews, some farmers expressed sorrow that, do not know how the feat of this policy, subsidies to lower-fat. They hope that the subsidies should not be too standard procedures, worry approximately the implementation of local government will lose shape.


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