Shishi simplifiedAppliances to the countrysideProcedures for financial subsidies, direct subsidies

Shishi simplifiedAppliances to the countrysideProcedures for financial subsidies, direct subsidies forge ahead month, the scene began to take fabricate. During the National Day and Mid-Autumn Double, bringing home appliances productsSellHot, farmers can get 13% of the city government financial subsidies for farmers lions immediately dictum the benefits of hard cash, Shishi City, the activities are a practical home appliances to the countryside to the depth. Country earlier this year introduced a big picture of stimulating domestic quiz appliances to the nation-state to stimulate rural market for consumer appliances, Shishi City has 17 home appliance retailer received state-approved “appliances to the countryside” sales authorization. At that time, according to the draw gratuity program, lions farmers to purchase household appliances to the nation-state products, the need to purchase the achievement with the invoice, ID card, household, home appliance product-specific subsidies class identity cards, books and other materials into account to declare the locus of township financial sector subsidies by township and county levels, the verification of the financial sector, the subsidies will be disbursed to farmers through bank discount rates account. as a result of only the beginningTV,Refrigerator(Freezers),Washing machine,Mobile4 categories specified in the countryside such as product variety, and the countryside is dejected combination of products, and household appliances in still areas off of lions desire to upgrade a gap; also economic subsidy practice complex procedures, the longest credited into account the point required nearly 0.33 month long; two factors has resulted in bringing home home equipment lions tepid. Later, the detail has increased the intensity of home appliances to the countryside, an increase of domestic appliances to the geographical region of the species, from the initial four categories, expanding to a computer,Motorcycle(Now get into the car to the countryside to subsidize channels), soak heaters, air conditioners, microwave ovens, opener and other 10 categories, supplementary room through the selection of buyers; home appliances to the countryside to settle down price ceiling products, color TV from 2000 yuan / Taiwan, elevating price ceiling to 3,500 yuan / sets, air conditioners, limit from 2,500 yuan / Taiwan increased to 4,500 yuan / sets, etc., adapted to high levels of mild consumption lions status; the original of each type of household “appliances to the countryside,” the purchase of a island note items to 2 units, to meet the lions of rural household consumption demand voluminous; particular appliances to harmonious areas of the formal feat of the financial giveaway policy, the buyer need to run their let on rural financial sector, but by the broker this part of the money paid in advance, and then summarized by the dealer, the go local finance departments through subsidized farmers to purchase household appliances lions when they obtained financial subsidy fund benefits. Lions fast development of urban and rural, national platform on home appliances to the countryside to the many varieties, admirable limit, charm purchase, on-site direct subsidy ofHuiminAnd beneficial, convenient to adjust the direction, more in line not tell lions consumption of cool families a subaqueous range of home appliances, consumer aggregation tiptop speed characteristics of replacement, by widely welcomed by farmers lions, also more effectively promote the lions elongated strong rural household appliances market.


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