Right now, Henan "Sanqiu" production to an end, the province

Right now, Henan "Sanqiu" production to an end, the province Yucheng rule Limin Mao Zhenbei Sekimura farmers Lian-groups forget this year’s farm equipment under its own operating revenue, about to have 200,000 yuan, he said he expected the income in. 35-year-old Yang Lian Group, invested 70,000 yuan in 2002 to comply a combine harvester to participate in agricultural sector organizations Kuaqujishou service, then income as 30,000 yuan. Later, the government subsidized the purchase of the implementation of large-scale farm machinery, tasted the sweetness of his inspired, seven indirect investment in 50 million cover the purchase of 4 units of large tractors, combines four sets, and installed for a complete farm machinery, agricultural machinery working income higher each date of service. Lian-groups reflects the snap development of agricultural operations is the State Council of Agricultural equipment Subsidy implementation of the letter. mark recent years, the central government to increase subsidies to keep the intensity, the scale of funds of 70 million yuan from 2004 to this year’s 13 1000000000 yuan, nearly doubled fame 6 years 8 Fan, subsidies privilege has coated replete the agricultural counties (farms). Agricultural subsidies this year, the work is began early, with rapid, powerful measures, supervision, greater efforts, implementation of the effect is obvious. As of October 15, the country has been the implementation of farm machinery purchase subsidy funds 11.14 billion yuan, accounting for 13.0 billion endowed in 86% subsidy 2.99 meg sets of loads of types of agricultural machinery and tools, to advantage more than 2.59 million households. Benefit the implementation of a sub-LessPurchase agricultural subsidies rapid growth, and broad coverage, many farmers benefit, determine the extent of excess baggage purchase subsidies. To a good run, to do real, envoy of Agriculture, Ministry of cash esteem close collaboration of the National Agricultural machinery advancement of and examine for in-depth investigation again analysis, knowledge has developed purchase of backed agricultural planning. Ministry of Agriculture, Agricultural machinery money attaches revered importance to the implementation of subsidy policy, important instructions on many occasions, special study again arrange purchase of subsidized agricultural turmoil. Ministry of Agriculture has dispatched 25 joint steering groups to inspect and support the implementation of various provinces further municipalities. represantative of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture have jointly built a "farm machinery purchase gratuity funds Interim Measures," also introduced a subsidy over the use of funds check practices or feat details of the implementation of the policy to subsidize up fast, convenient, safe and efficient. Village north of Sichuan Province Pi Yang An in Chengdu Modern Industrial Port meeting place of the North Area of Ji Fengnong machine noticed a blue wheeled tractors, he said, tractors obscure similar Rotary, price 60,000 yuan, however because the state subsidies to farmers to purchase, he entrust have to skin about 46,000 yuan, the machine can drive away the money from the subsidies pin Took the advance sale of businesses., Of course, farm machinery purchase subsidy is not a sprinkle sombre pepper. The producer of subsidiarity is through focused, taking into account usual. Subsidies to type and other agricultural province tilt to the leading weak link pull the production of crops specialized tilt, large farm equipment to service agencies and tilt, to be open, apropos and fair. Some provinces have developed farm machinery purchase subsidy management system to end on-line reporting, review and improve efficiency. Shaanxi Province, also explore the establishment of the purchase of backed rural products supermarket; Jiangsu organization "one-stop", "zero distance" service, the family deep pursuit the farmers signed a purchase contract with farmers; Shanxi organizations "Agricultural big payoff visit" action against subsidies equipment quality, service follow-up survey. Advances to reduce the care on companies, Jiangsu, Shaanxi also established funds to endow pre-allocated system.

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