Representatives from solar energy device companies in Taiwan staged a

Representatives from solar energy device companies in Taiwan staged a protest at the Bureau of Energy to voice their catfight of the lack of transparency in taiwan Power Company’s (Taipower) on-grid approval process. The bureau of Energy changed into mandated through the Taiwan government to oversee the feat of the Renewable Energy development Act, which includes the recently passed feed-in-tariff (FIT) for solar energy methods. However, now the legislature’s enactment on January 1, 2010, the afisr has received 59MWp worth of solar energy system applications, someday only 3.21MWp have been permitted by Taipower to produce included in its power grid, according to the solar system companies. Only solar energy systems that pass Taipower’s inspection are suitable to observe because the subsidy. However, the inspection and quiz processes remains opaque and inefficient, the companies said. They hope that the bureau again Taipower could clarify the process and post the criteria and main bureaucracy on official websites. The bureau said that a clarified deal will be released next week. Since the government is expected to reduce the FIT rate money 2011, system installers agency Taiwan are hoping to be credulous their projects authorized prior to the subsidy cut. Taipower is a state-owned public utility company under the Ministry of financial Affairs (MOEA). It is the only integrated power company in Taiwan.Taiwan market: Solar system companies protest faint Taipower experiment stunt

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