Reminded some of the industry, subsidies have not published details

Reminded some of the industry, subsidies have not published details and processes, angle implementation commit take time and the size of subsidies this year, only 20 billion yuan, driven perfecting sales of 20 billion yuan of household electrical appliances, home appliances to the countryside so no resolve large, we can not be terrifically optimistic.Reuters Shanghai / Hong Kong on May 20 power — in full swing "Appliances to the countryside"Policy, the Chinese government gave the domestic appliance industry, Tim was a fire, the dream up of upper hand subsidies to promote home appliancesTM toThis will undoubtedly accelerate the upgrading of city household appliances, is expected to become a larger tool for stimulating domestic demand. In excitedly reminded some of the industry, subsidies have not yet released details and processes, policy implementation will bring occasion and the size of subsidies this year, only 20 billion yuan, ripening 20 billion yuan of the appliance driveSell, get done of home home equipment to the countryside not so great, we constraint not be too optimistic. "Effect may buy for good, I am more optimistic," financial institution of America’s Merrill Lynch in Hong Kong’s Asia-Pacific economist Lu Ting set extraneous that "as wanting whereas the implementation of the well can be said to be Yijianshuangdiao or 3 birds, while pulling the domestic demand and reduce pollution, but also to supply help for laid-off itinerant workers. " He added that the pioneer lies in the implementation of subsidy orderliness. More than household appliances, on Xinjiuchengduo how to define, adept are some difficulties in striking implementation, the implementation cost is relatively admirable. SW’s current report, consider the benefits of each product level and corporate fundamentals, the proposed attentionTVClass of Hisense Electric, deep, refrigerator, washing machine category, Hefei Sanyo, Little Swan, Meiling Electrical; andAir conditioningClass grace Gree Electric. China’s State council executive meeting tuesday decided this year to 2 1000000000 yuan of funds through domestic appliances, "TM" subsidies, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong and Guangdong in the Beijing-Shanghai and Fuzhou, Tianjin, Changsha and other areas to convey out TV,Refrigerator, bathing machines, air conditioners, computers five types of household electrical appliances "TM" experiment, in principle, new appliances 10% of sales price subsidies. 2 months in that China’s nationwide project of advertising home appliances to the countryside, farmers sign brand models designated "countryside" appliances, the average price of 13% may be dispense subsidies. department of trade has mentioned that this year with home appliances to the countryside control the financial subsidies of 200 billion yuan is anticipated to aid rural consumption is about 1,500 billion. Early closing, Meiling, deepKonka, Hisense driving and other household home equipment bovines rose more obvious, which Meiling reported 5.74 yuan, up 0.31 yuan, or 5.71%. ** ** In the high-end products to benefit more TCLMultimedia marketing Director of China Business Centre, Tao Nan said, "For consumers, government subsidies equivalent to price cuts, which could accelerate the expense of replacement of home appliances." He said the state, 10% reduce prices could carry increased sales 30%. However, replacement of home appliances in recent phase is at high tide, most urban residents do have a strong replacement demand for household appliances, the effect of subsidies is anticipated to will imitate seen, but will not have thought inasmuch as much. Fact, Gome and Suning Appliance Chain since 2005 in sales, marketing on the use of Jiu Jiadian recycling policy, recycling quotes from tens of dollars to several hundred dollars. Tao Nan’s analysis, comparison, high-grade appliances priced higher because of the policy effect is more obvious, "42-inch LCD TV, 6,000 prices, subsidies have 600 yuan, while predominance chains, the recovery of old TV prices also 100-200 dollars. " SW reported that the updated demand the highest proportion of home appliances as TV, accounting for 52%, followed by way of washing machines and refrigerators, were 45% also 31%, thereupon color TV enterprises benefit vastly. ** ** Short-term effectiveness is limited The sound of the applause, there are any who believe that short-term limited. nobble a fund analyst said, "would swear by appliances to life, and naturally we must change, and say next year there will be subsidies, notably people do not will enchant the rush. " IFC bullish securities analysts although home demand next 3-5 years, home appliances, however he noted that owing to the details of the policy yet to exemplify introduced in the short picture performance of the appliance plate driven by rising expectations or valuations of limited gravy train. He said, related to the practical operational details, like considering where to buy home appliances, subsidy range, the maximum amount of subsidies, subsidies for parties

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