Reading Tip: It is advised the central government by way

Reading Tip: It is advised the central government by way of subsidies for cultivation be adjusted: the original has been introduced also the steady implementation of capital government subsidies for agricultural scale, scope and subsidies subsidy criteria unchanged, maintaining plot continuity, further enhance the development of production of lively farmers, provide a more robust policy environment for farmers to accrue income; bequeath by no means increase the chief government’s grain subsidies for agriculture, the total size of seed subsidies, consign these two subsidies, higher attention on bundling for the new rural construction, especially for rural roads, water further electricity infrastructure, and small water conservancy facilities, improving the living conditions of farmers. Wang farmers 2004 the important subordination implemented the policy of agricultural subsidies has been greatly mobilized the enthusiasm of hundreds of millions of farmers network production, agricultural production harvests owing to several years, the income of peasants increased. However, agricultural subsidies from the central government’s policy implementation effect, innovative the attempt emerged weakened year by year, the political significance than economic significance of the phenomenon of small farmers transfer income. Thousands of households repercussion particular, the central might to lay upon farmers, populous farmers did not really translate into the shot of capital, any subsidies do not really play the desired effect. Even moment many rural areas, has become the source of funds rural consumption, since the peasants to eat and nourishment pockets. In June 2009 and July, we were to research undertake juice Fujian state and Heilongjiang Province, with the development of rural economy, various local farmers and village cadres opine reflected very well the central agricultural subsidies, to stimulate the production benefits farmers. However, to promote rural prosperity, stability and development of production, increase farmers realize the need to establish a more effective long-term protection mechanism. Different parts of the village cadres and farmers are reflected as soon considering possible to adjust again improve the central government subsidies for cultivation policy, this “welfare, political, dispersion,” Subsidies, importance a durable, effective, focused on the aggrandized inactive building strengthen rural infrastructure, improving agricultural production conditions, to break ground further alimony rural incomes important source of investment protection. Subsidies bonded to spread the use of the limited subsidies in combination doing big things. Insufficient funds consequence rural advancement China’s coastal financial provinces of Fujian Province, in 2008 farmers per capita net income 6196 yuan, 1,435 yuan more than the homey average. But even so, many pacific governmental infrastructure, including rural roads, water facilities, and new rural construction, all because of lack of funds can not smoothly. Jinjiang City, Fujian construction cost per km of rural roads is 25 million, including provincial subsidies for 150,000 yuan, 100,000 yuan main supporting village. However, no accumulation of collective village, only debt, debt 300,000 yuan on average each village, town debt 400,000 yuan. Village collective did not have the necessary ability. The relationship between the village road building and other production further life of the event, need to “discussions” to mobilize farmers financed, again the result often is “indecisive” and many things to improve reposeful infrastructure, because a minor number of farmers discharge not agree squirrel funding to be scrapped. very much farmers have a lot they do nil in particular hope that the Government can give to solve. Farmers eager to improve placid infrastructure as soon as possible, then that higher quality of life more, not solitary as a result of of insufficient funds to fruition. Yunxiao County of Fujian is the monarchy economically backward areas of the country’s main producing areas, loquat, halcyon per capita net advantage was 5725 yuan, lower than the provincial common. dynasty primarily rural, backward economic constraints of the county’s rural infrastructure improvement. windless roads, water facilities on agricultural production, farmers living control the building behind the root causes of inadequate due to lack of funds. Yunxiao beneficial village water plant to father rule the construction of 5.8 million yuan, the state financial subsidies to provincial level only 150 million alone will need to be raised 4.3 million yuan county. For the economically backward bad county and township collective liabilities of more areas, their need to rely on economic transfers and payments on construction, it is not money out of rural infrastructure. Which fundamentally affect the development of agriculture, farmers stable income. Ma Pu Xiang cadres Yunxiao reflect the township is located in the mountainous, inaccessible roads impeded, as a constraint to economic development sway the township of operation to improve the fundamental constraints. Now the township is being built mountains of cement road, according to estimates, the construction of clamp passage collection to invest 450,000 yuan per kilometer, but the country only to 300,000 yuan per kilometer subsidies, accounting for investment requirement consistent with km 0.5 / 3 of remaining entirely raise farmers themselves.


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