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quot procedures and mastery all how would stuck atop it quot wang xiaoqin was prohibitively green-eyed as of the day gone by zhengding quyang bridge township gaoping village chow jester bringing home appliances subsidies to declare has passed 100 days back down the other families of subsidies but his family still has not hit the proper report quot bank audit to a dozen times township government finance have been there twice quot suffering from lumbar disc herniation was nearly sixty he reluctantly said quot i dispatch not give back the subsidies in the end ah quot about such subsidies until the heart to grieving july 19 this clock 39 s wife wang xiaoqin spent 3 949 yuan to buy a air conditioning line home appliances conditions of the countryside subsidies may be granted 513 yuan subsidy bills july 23 grub quyang bridge township central office to the selfsame procedures the staff said was the latest month the benefit payments would hit 39 s bank account meal mauled from lumbar disc colpocele and sciatica the hindrance moment late august difficult to ride electric vehicle to a bank audit quyang denture township they found subsidy payments not yet reached the same date found the township driver’s seat finance the otherwise said to wait however until november 4th check to the bank a dozen instances quiet no results in the afternoon he went to the township government chief said the fast outcast the other aspect quot neighbors almost all of a month or so to be backed quot mr zhou said quot why is my home subsidies alone turned into not flustered over corporal quot inquire into declaration did not record yesterday the reporter 39 s identity to mr zhou relatives and mr zhou also his wife to ask this quyang rural finance quot fix august before the application for subsidies the county finance bureau tip payments directly to the designated account ask villagers in august after that go to rural finance call back to the corner account quot connection of a staff member said that due to subsidies shall not go to rural finance in august to declare these subsidies is anticipated to impersonate in area on nov 9 quot my home is in the july 23 application for the subsidy ah quot mr zhou said hastily this is additionally prohibitively stunned the other side confirmed the team of workers member said mr zhou did now not inventory circle of relatives subsidies to declare quot we again declare up expected to emblematize able to down for a week quot reporter asked what departments do not record the disparate party did not answer not logged more than deal up a record the day past afternoon the reporter linked to the constructive definite possessions financial bureau a body of workers member explained that the declaration of team of workers subsidies log record because more than lift a sheet of paper resulting access chow family subsidies declaration are not logged in successfully the other party apologized again said subsidy payments as soon as possible hit the chow family especial balance this mr zhou said that if the relevant departments prominence time view report situation perhaps he consign no longer be in vain waited for so many life related links issued by relevant write up departments quot bringing home appliances operating conditions quot esteem article 5 provides that on township finance sell network related materials submitted should be completed within 7 plan days to confirm and subsidies allocated to farmers access a savings account

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