Purchase subsidy policy implemented six years ago, played a small

Purchase subsidy policy implemented six years ago, played a small but powerful trust of effects, now not only in china Agricultural machinery Rapidly improve the level of the farmers have benefited, but additionally greatly reinforcement the advancement of China’s agricultural machinery try. information show that a align of subsidies in the purchase of benefiting the agriculture policy role, the native mechanized aquacultural income level of 35.7% from the complete of 2004, lifted to 45% spell 2008; farmers per capita snare income from 2004 2,936 yuan, increased to 4,761 yuan in 2008; rural machinery industry total output value in 2004 soared to nearly ninety billion yuan more than 1990 billion dominion 2008. 2009 in the world financial crisis on the real impact of the deepening economic environment, the state Chaobai Yi Yuan purchase subsidy funds to implement the revitalization of now not only boosted the confidence of agricultural enterprises, however also to produce agricultural machinery industry show Pin Good booming trend, the first three months of industrial output value besides sales value up 20% than for the same period last year. However, the reporter learned in the interview, demonstrate the effectiveness of the project the same time, purchase subsidies, also revealed some problems, caused by the relevant departments need consideration. Of excessive hope on "market subsidies"130 large-scale subsidies on the agricultural equipment tug is in the conclude skill that much of the business? "Investment-led central government in cooperation with Department of Agriculture’s estimates the ratio of 1:5.35, the prime agricultural markets in 2009 is equivalent to a subsidy market." China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association Gao Yuan Yan observed in an interview. "From the past few years after the feat of projects to subsidize the market situation, the project is becoming further and more subsidies for rural production besides operation of large and medium sized enterprise competition and competing objectives." definite lines of business marketing associated personnel said. In direct economic interests, driven by projects to remit the industry normal production besides vitality have a great impact. establishments to their products as long as the inclusion of subsidized products recommended for catalog and as many due to possible targets for a subsidy, without more attention to the marketing process, we can guarantee a basic sales of products. Therefore, in the period before and after the project selection, most manufacturers are almost did her best to bring out the project public relations, market share, competing at outright costs, the calendar project selection will grow into almost invisible stress. These people told us, in order to be able to accrual "share", many companies entrust be the main strength and focus on project operation and made noted effort and energy into the project specific governmental relations activities and projects business operation. This is partly the result of normal business marketing, occupation and corporate advertising capabilities simplify the weakening and degeneration. China Agricultural University Park boiling told reporters that the rapid implementation of the customary gratuity policy, agricultural corporations ushered in opportunities for development. But companies still push on to strengthen the resourcefulness of strain changes in the market, also handle this opportunity to improve the quality of new products selfsame as hard, not just stare at state-subsidized project. "Subsidy policy is the policy of the construe in this stage, to a definite stage, the state can also be to credit, financial besides other policy assist to replace the purchase subsidies." Whites Park that the quantity of subsidies next year, the number of subsidies in accordance with this to determine the effect of the implementation, however for now, there is no sign of abating.

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