Publication of the designated training bodies, Haidian District, Beijing, vocational

Publication of the designated training bodies, Haidian District, Beijing, vocational training schools Celestica Causality former head of Bureau of Labor Insurance special review written materials, avail of the loopholes notoriety the number of false schooling farmers thousands of workers, training for cheating state subsidies paid 62 million yuan. the day past morning, ZHAO suspected fake network the Haidian court trial. The case is not handed down prerogative court. According to the prosecution allegations, in imperial 2007 to November, ZHAO Dongsheng liudaokou known as Haidian Car Repair plant and other units in training more than 40 traveller farm troop in 2984 were, in order to apply to the Bureau of Labor Insurance, Haidian District, vocational schooling subsidy of 62 million yuan. In fact, these units only 330 people took part in the training, the remaining 2,000 are fictitious. courtroom trial, ZHAO, said he falsely claimed 62 million yuan and not transferred to personal accounts, but full-dress the planning to the school accounts for college operations. After the incident all the money returned to the labor department. False claim to be objectives ZHAO said that from July 2007, he engraved 78 to find someone to fake seals, reporting roster of names again identity numbers are his group of workers acquired the schools, to get identity card and the fee photos of the employees gave. ZHAO training agreements have been solid and the lineup of more than 300, report Haidian District Bureau of Labor Insurance, Bureau of Labor Insurance after the metropolis council report, coterminous approval, and then Slide the municipal afisr of Labor coverage will subsidize the college. He noted he procure so, "both internal and outward factors", external training school is the target. installation in 2007, the original belonged to the municipal vocational schools and qualified teachers, insufficient training of migrant farm workers to complete the task, and he so Private School training funds can also be reported. However, if the number of trainees each instant able to fulfill the target, his "designated training school" in the name of the first can hold office got rid of. In order to complete the target, he had submitted fraudulent parts. ZHAO, said: "If the motion department to review the strict, not fraud successful." The prosecution proposed to strengthen the reviewHaidian District Bureau of Labor Insurance-related person hold charge of general schooling of migrant workers were qualified by a schooling figure education college subscribed an contract with the workers, migrant workers on the outfit for training units. in accordance to the different types of training, subsidies for training charges spell different countries. Bureau of Labor Insurance to provide the stable only to the school units and school training agreements, training employees and labor contracts and the list of written materials to review, and will grant subsidies, and no telephone or on-site audit procedures. 2008 12 months, the National Audit engagement workforce in the Haidian parish Bureau of Labor Insurance of the audit, to verify via phone, launch that day, Haidian District, Hong vocational schooling schools are false further falsely claimed the behavior of subsidies and the transfer of the personnel case. Prosecutor told reporters after the incident, they have despatched to the Bureau of bustle Insurance, Haidian District Attorney proposal thanks to the Bureau of hustle Insurance to enhance the review.


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