Policy support to domestic appliances consumer market as the biggest

Policy support to domestic appliances consumer market as the biggest concern right over unique of the people. Following the money authority in the June 1 start to collect by advent of subsidies Energy opinion promotion efforts, the designated manufacturer models can enjoy the three hundred? 850 for purchase, ranging from subsidies from the “Beijing Evening News,” the opening said, the State ecosoc has also permitted Car, Appliances TM to the implementation of the program, 7.0 billion investment to encourage car and domestic appliances “TM.” This is undoubtedly the starting of the policy of procure “Bringing domestic appliances “After the steps, to the domestic appliance effort and the consumer market added another fire, supremacy addition to bringing home appliances accelerate the upgrading of urban households, positive signals to rouse the development of domestic demand, but also for the community and the majority of consumers had some doubts and riot. High-profile begin the appliance subsidies can truly become the people’s livelihood project? consumers are the final beneficiaries of incarnate? related to specific implementation rules and regulations calm relevant legislation, integrity enforcement sane and sound treatment. Subsidies for high-profile start appliances: to stimulate consumption is expected to become the largestA alarming spot right now, “TM” treatment mind and no doubt: stimulating domestic demand, stimulate consumption; upgraded appliances, energy curtailment Environmental protection. in accordance to the implementation plan has been organized effect 2009, updating the old car is scrapped subsidies on the basis of one billion yuan of funds, also then arranges four billion yuan on the line with the requirements of a certain life span, light, mini trucks and some medium-sized passenger car set, and ” Yellow standard car “scrap again replace their fleets ahead of time appropriate to give no supplementary than the same type of single-vehicle purchase deadweight amount subsidized automobiles. In addition, the country will be arranged this year, two billion yuan of financial funds, introduced in nine provinces and municipalities TV Machines, refrigerators, bathing machines, air conditioners, computers category 5 household electrical appliances “TM” pilot. Subsidies on the vocation within the Jiu Jiadian owners, in accordance to new appliances pony up 10% of the price subsidies? Sub-species to determine the consummate amount of subsidies.Should be noted that the policy is not only the Road to the whole community effects, all kinds of good home equipment industry and the consumer electronics market initiatives, adding domestic appliances to the countryside, successively owned and to become the very contemporary heavy spots and livelihood projects Aspect. According to expectations, not sole ordinary consumers, particularly high-income farmers no longer consumers will benefit greatly, and home appliance manufacturers, sales of businesses, and even the domestic appliance industry bequeath usher in buildup inflection point. Commerce department has said that this tide the economic subsidies for home appliances to the countryside 200 billion fund, expected to pull about 150 billion yuan of rural consumption. due policy should take note of “discordant note”It is indisputable that cheers some of the “discordant note”: “When the life of farmers, but incubus no longer enjoy ‘the peasants treatment’?” This is not enjoy subsidies appliances Foshan Most recently the voice of farmers again questioned.Learned that the original provisions of February 1, 2009 to January 2013 and 31 in the “home appliances to the countryside” products sales outlets to buy home appliances to the countryside, incubus enjoy the preferential subsidy funds, as Guangdong Province “Changing Villages” reform the household registration system does not exist “Agriculture accounts” and thereby Foshan citizens were included drag the rural areas outside the elbowroom of the policy good. This is only the appliances to the countryside in the implementation process, prerogative a certain range of awareness in the individual phenomenon, but social issues such as these is no longer the individual, some of which operate on concerns on the “TM” pattern of appropriate fear is hard to avoid. First, the implementation of the Ordinance, the maximum amount of subsidies allied as subsidies given to the specific cut of operation is still now not someday been given clearly defined rules and effective implementation. This is not only vital for consumers to enjoy benefits may bring certain influence stakeholders additionally pointed out that this objective may also facilitate the policy for the business game. Second, the “TM” and whether expert is shoddy home appliances to the geographical region rule the negative phenomenon? related media survey, part of the rural consumers in actual fact said, “I am afraid that many manufacturers will deal with low-end appliances to the countryside as an out of stock products and a appurtenant opportunity to not tip the products to the rural areas.”


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