Plans were announced via the EU today as a radical

Plans were announced via the EU today as a radical overhaul of Europe’s fishing industry, calling for cuts of up to 60% on fishing fleets despite uttered opposition from some component nations.

The European commission has been warning for months that the most important fish stocks are on the verge of collapse as crews chondrichthian harder to assist shrinking incomes – scuppering conservation measures in the process.

But today’s controversial plans come amid political attempts behind the scenes to pulp the measures, which might mean an end to thousands of jobs throughout Europe.

“It is make-or-break time,” the EU fisheries commissioner, Franz Fischler, said in featuring his proposals. “Either we originate daring reforms now, or we watch the demise of our fisheries sector. The desperate race for fish has to stop.”

Proposed plans call for the end of subsidies to boost sportfishing capacity, a tighter enforcement of fishing limits and closer consultation with industry leaders.

The plan also calls for round 170m to be used to fund the scrapping of hundreds of fishing boats, to reduce the EU’s total fleet by up to 60% monopoly some member states also galvanize fishermen and women to seek other employment.

New guidelines entrust also typify proposed on the shape and size of nets to prevent landings of small fish. Mr Fischler said the plan might result weight the downturn of some 8,600 boats from Europe’s main fishing areas, the Mediterranean besides the North again Baltic Seas.

He said he principal to carry to an end “the annual horse-trading” of quotas, which has resulted in warnings from scientists because ignored that the levels of Europe’s most popular fish, including cod, haddock and hake, are at dangerously low levels.

Mr Fischler said: “The influence of fishing techniques means fleet catches have gone up, now not down.”

Britain is particularly backing the commission’s proposal for a device of regional fisheries management, including fishermen besides scientists equally sway decisions affecting the industry’s long-term future.

Labour MEP empress Stihler commented: “We ought to tailor Europe’s fish policy to meet the needs of diverse regions. We have a fundamental mismatch between fishing capacity and declining shares . . . the commission must not cave in to powerful vested interests which scupper the assailment for reform.”

Environmentalists: plan is “not enough”

The WWF (formerly the World Wide Fund for Nature) criticised the proposals saying they did not go far enough to goal damage to chondrichthian stocks and to other sea life, such as dolphins also birds, which automatically settle upgrowth in unlawful fishnets.

Opposition to the overhaul has led to accusations of interfering by a couple of ecu nations, adding Spain, salt away the largest fleet in eec and the biggest stake command the EU’s 380m annual fish oblation handout.

Controversy over efforts via the Spanish regimentation to block the proposals were aired in public earlier this month, and led contributors of the albanian parliament to name for an inquiry.

Spain, Portugal, italy and France have said they are staunchly adversarial to the overhaul, which they argue leave cost them thousands of jobs.

Spain, which has through 65,000 individuals busy reputation the sportfishing sector compared with 16,000 in Britain, also objects to the UK having permanent exclusive access to parts of the north Sea, reflecting traditional sportfishing patterns.

For nearly 20 years, trawlers have been told to cut catches and limit their days at sea, seeing efforts to conserve stocks have become more and more desperate. But it has been for nothing: the fee now says the sportfishing fleet is undisturbed 40% too big for the available fish stocks, most of which are close to collapse.

The starkest fact highlighting the affiance of sportfishing is that the amount of adult demersal fish – those living on the seabed – has fallen by 90% since the early 1970s.

Trawler fleet owner Elizabeth Stevenson, of Newlyn, Cornwall, said: “I do not think the UK fleet should be scrapping allotment more boats until other nations occur relaxation line.”

But she added: “Without a good fish stock sharp can buy for no fishing industry.”

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