Panasonic 50-inch TV a platform, a 42-inch plasma sets, TCL26

Panasonic 50-inch TV a platform, a 42-inch plasma sets, TCL26 inches 1 sets, 6 units of air-conditioning, refrigerator 1 sets, washing machines, 1 set … … to bid 10% preferential subsidies, since that the actual charge of Kim 48,000 yuan to buy the nearly 6 million of goods, access to the nation “TM” subsidies more than 3700 yuan. “There is no cheaper old domestic appliances , Can not account it does no longer matter. “This two-day, second-hand market, Shaoxing City, home home equipment business, individuals do Gesanchawu can inroad such” clients “, the other celebration no more, look at the quality of home appliances, as long as it will start with cheap accede. In fact, the rush a long time, they know, those “clients” bought Jiujia Dian is to workout to flip over the state appliances ” TM to “Policy concessions. Under the policy, the purchaser should take part in “TM” on the need to get better the matching Jiu Jiadian bargain business, and thus issued a certificate ditch recycling companies to buy new household appliances, while enjoying a 10% subsidy. Yesterday (September 7, 2009), the reporter learned from the parties concerned, “TM” momentum in the city more and more warmth. In order to enjoy the benefits most significantly, many homes effectuate not take it people out of the Jiu Jiadian specially to comply the Jiu Jiadian to “renewal.” Kim the city belongs to a typical. Yesterday, he told reporters that his new home these days to catch up dissemble two sets of Decoration , Need to acknowledge appliances. Ago, he carefully studied the “TM” policy action yesterday, finally: the drive to the west a number of the old flea market purchase TV Machine further Washing machine . the day past afternoon, in the urban supply and building, Mr. Kim to come back from the flea market to acknowledge 10 sets of Jiu Jiadian first arrived to the building, took a 10 certificate then go to the mall in a circle, the purpose is to shop around. since he went back to supply again building, consequence the domestic appliance stores reputation bargaining about it, decided to participate in the “TM” activities. Matsushita 1 50-inch tv sets, a 42-inch plasma sets, TCL26-inch, 2 units Air conditioning 6 sets, refrigerator 1 set, washing machine 1 set … … to bid 10% of the preferential subsidy, Mr. sovereign in fact paid 48,000 yuan to yes the nearly 6 million worth of merchandise, groove on the nation “TM” subsidies more than 3700 yuan. Mr King said only two Jiujia Dian his house, the rest of the Jiu Jiadian is buy a 150, but a television Subsidies up to 400 yuan, plus the recovery of hundreds of dollars discount, accordingly each one can save redemption nearly 300. “How to how cheap.” Mr. Kim said he premeditated that this account, the TV can recall the price, but also fresh convenient handling, so now not too much trouble. Reporter learned yesterday, “TM” in the city has a high tide, flea market, “Jiu Jiadian” expenses affirm “gone up.” “The past, an old TV set, can not symbolize used if unwanted, are considering selling up to 100 yuan.” Flea market, a source said, the cheapest fairly old TV, old washing machine is commonly 200 about three hundred dynasty or so old refrigerators, historical standpoint conditioning additional expensive at 400 yuan basically, before the implementation of policies than the TM to be much better. in accordance to home cooking statistics, thanks to the “TM” has been launched in the city, national enthusiasm for the slow warming retrieval. Especially the last few days, trading volume more than 20 a day, including TVs, air conditioners, refrigerators and so on. Redemption of the new consumer appliances, the tv volume is up, and upgrade more obvious and redemption is the high-end machine for color TV and more. notice Links Desktop “TM” Or admit two subsidies Recently asked about the consumer, “TM” in the computer’s refilling subsidies, the communicator learned from the city to do business, desktop computer monitors and the host can sell and perform two were the “old-for- The new “certificate. However, while patrons give blessing a new computer, buy a package also are the separation between “new ones subsidies” is also somewhat different. According to the rules of operation, the old computer computer monitor and the host is carried out by two appliances were recycled. Therefore, buyers can get an historical desktop computer recycling association issued two “TM” certificate, according to the several display also host recovery price to dinero. But also that consumers purchase two items subsidy is also provided through the Government, a separate calculation of their allow. However, only the valuation of the display and the host were able to enjoy such a “double subsidy”, the package price of computers is still in accordance with the cap of each 400 yuan of subsidies to the implementation of subsidy benefits.

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