Originally handed on March 1 edition indexed telecommunications BlackBerry Mobile,

Originally handed on March 1 edition indexed telecommunications BlackBerry Mobile, commit probably not opened so soon, "the veil." This reporter recently learned from the nobble Telecom, blackberry time to market has not yet finalized, but it should be no later than promenade 15, "This is a test constructed telecommunications business community listed on the node." An insider told newshounds. This means dishware Telecom "Star machine" addition of a new team member, and the iPhone will be staged at the terminal energy. Be the first BlackBerry "burn No." While time to market has not been finalized, but the reporter learned from the inside, the first BlackBerry phone models are listed in the 9530, closed beta has been undocked over, the Chinese text, Tianyi features various functions were successful in business applications. "The main allow for is not yet listed, the phone allow for of minor stock, so control mid-March to begin commercial trial, by the end of high-volume market." Owing to time constraints, the first BlackBerry procurement has not yet been completely converted, did not have the UIM pinpoint slot, so only a "fire number" mode, the number of carriers directly to "inject" into the phone. "Detachable Blackberry until the second half to arrive." The sources, in supplement to 9530, will additional the second half of the 3 fashions listed 9550,9630,9650 BlackBerry, and all computing device cards Separation of style. But the civic are terribly concerned about whether to sustenance the WiFi feature, the preface said, now for sure is 9530 without WiFi, other 3 is uncertain. The lowest 189 yuan funny book packageFire BlackBerry abroad, in fact, not a new responsibility prerogative china. In 2006, China cellular It and RIM Cooperation, Launched the "BlackBerry BlackBerry" business, principally for multinational employees carry and receive messages via mobile phone demand, but higher rates, advent of the past four years, the market situation is not ample. According to insiders predicted that the Shanghai market mobile BlackBerry users, only about 15,000. This time china Telecom launched the BlackBerry service, alpha the BIS (BlackBerryInternetService, the BlackBerry internet Service, which can send and carry cyber web mail and corporate mail) and BES (BlackBerryEnterpriseService, or BlackBerry Enterprise Service, can send and receive E-mail), rates are much cheaper. Reporter from the inside to get a data telecommunications, the current initial trial to determine the commercial package, divided into 189,289,389,589 yuan fourth gear, in addition provided a number of Internet traffic, but also contains a 200-? 1500 minutes do not such as voice calls time, also if a doorstep price of a long, name anywhere effect the country are uniform price, the lowest 0.1 yuan / minute. Not yet opened for individual usersIn addition to competitive rates than the outside, in order to expand the "star machine" of the market, Telecom’s upcoming blackberry subsidies to large efforts are unprecedented. According to report, select the BlackBerry user packages, with different amount of monthly spending commitments, they guilt get done a definite periodical telephone bill for the return and purchase subsidies. Commitment to a minimum consumption of 200, for example, returned 20 yuan a spell the bill, continuous 12-month return, purchase subsidies 1920 yuan, the two add increasing to 2,500 dynasty. If the minimum note consumption of 500 yuan, thereupon the amount of the monthly return of up to 75 dollars (24 months), purchase subsidies 4800 yuan, the two add up to 7800 yuan. "9530 has not finalized pricing, but basically deserve to be above 50% subsidy, high-end users should body able to get the phone discharge of charge." The source said. However, the BlackBerry has wanting been well-liked for the time being of ordinary individuals can not directly interest the benefit. right through the trial the commercial, telecommunications, marketing strategy will focus on the BlackBerry for communication, IT, Energy, finance, aviation, logistics, media, lawyers, accounting corporations and other industrial users, telecom functioning office through the occasion being does not settle for impel packages. The BlackBerry operation companies interested in the name of an application to the telecommunications, unified process.


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