Ordinary people has been regarded as a "luxury", LED TV,

Ordinary people has been regarded as a "luxury", LED TV, are jelly to get disembarrass of a price now price cuts without the metropolis of clutch. This reporter these days from the Shanghai seminar on consumer trends, color TV was informed before the end of the year, Hisense, Samsung, more than ravishing domestic and joint venture brands will collectively reduce charges LED TV, the maximum directly down 5,000; stores, the Suning bequeath also breach the color TV in the old-for – The new maximum ceiling of 400 yuan effect subsidies, according to product sales price of 10% of the copious subsidy, hope to attract consumers. "Luxury goods" anxious to fight the People First card Since the price is too "noble", LED flat-panel TV to consumers in Shanghai, has been highbrow, but at the end of this position is expected to be broken. At present, Hisense, Skyworth, Konka, Haier, Changhong, TCL six domestic brands, seeing without reservation now Samsung, Sharp, Sony, LG besides so the brainchild of joint venture's sappy has put in LED products, access November to dec will be the balance after another 40 new listing, also a variety of promotional price cuts will additionally express opened. Such as Samsung postponed "buy LED TV, bring liquid crystal display TV" activity, Hisense, introduced led products bought straight alone 5,000 yuan free lunch concession, clout are too much vast. Industry sources say, LED TV will become the destiny market protagonists, in the color television industry has become the consensus, moment the dangerous introduction of flagship product, the brand has been ahead of the layout of the emerging markets. color TV market by the end of polarization Although LED TV charges higher than conventional LCD TVs a huge portion, but its brightness, power consumption, viewing angle, and refresh rate, etc. are all advantages. Appliance experts, LED and LCD qualification consumption standard of about 1:10, will provide an extremely distant 160-degree survey angle, you can display a variety of characters, numbers, color images and animation information, multiple displays can also put on broadcast networking , in sparkling daylight can not stop watching, also to transform to the low coldness of forfeit 40 degrees. According to rush presentations, sundry individuals of high-end VIP customers to purchase the vast majority are 46-inch to 55-inch large-screen LED TV, the average price at 7,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan; while the average price in the 1500-4000 yuan sphere 19 to 32-inch lcd tv has become the main force in the low-end market. Trade-in subsidy ceiling has been broken The reflect why the previous diode power beneath much less buying LCD TVs, to a huge pole with the state's trade-in hand-me-down policy. As color TV commodity subsidies to limit the maximum cap 400 yuan, 4,000 yuan to give blessing the following low-end color TV consumers can enjoy the subsidy by 10 percent, however the LED and large-screen LCD TVs to consumers are less cost-effective, even if the buy 20 thousand yuan of LED television diagnostic 400 dynasty subsidy equivalent to only 2%. round the oblation ceiling, appliance stores impact Shanghai are also start the article. From Suning learned this week from its first implementation of "make up credit" for all the sales of LED products and 42-inch flat-panel TVs make up more than 10% margin of preference. I am an expert from China chemical substances Products, usually analyzes all kind of industries situation, such as 4 stroke pocket motorcycles , water cooled pocket bike.

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