On December 28th, 2009, Chinese envoy of Commerce published the

On December 28th, 2009, Chinese envoy of Commerce published the article €œAuto consumption Becomes Chinese Consumption Hotspot of 2009€. The object summarizes the four major characteristics of Chinese auto market considering follows: 1. The auto consumption shows an optimistic event. China Motorcycles manufacturer The auto industry recovers prominently. 1. Low-emission autos increase rapidly with prominent market share growth. 3. windless auto consumption is enlarged. The structure adjustment sees preliminary effect. 4. Second-hand vehicle trading rises stably with great development potential.

The report believes that Chinese auto consumption market can remain the optimistic development fashion in 2010. The reasons are follows: 1. There is great knowledge prestige Chinese domestic auto consumption. 2. Various serviceable policies leave ride to equal implemented: the €œauto going to the countryside€ projection will be extended to the conclude of 2010. The €œmotorcycle going to the countryside€ projection subsumed in the €œauto liveliness to the countryside€ contribution transfer will be prolonged to jan 31st, 2013. The purchase strain reduction device for passenger cars (?1.6 liters emission) will be prolonged China Motorcycles manufacturer to the end of 2010 camouflage the tax price of 7.5%. The old for new policy of autos will keep up to be implemented; the subsidy amount standard for a single vehicle is increased to RMB 5,000 to RMB 18,000. 3. increasing the domestic demand, especially residents€™ consumption is the major task of Chinese government in the economic working of 2010. The automobile consumption should continue to play the vital role as it is a major part in the home demand expansion.

In the previous 11 months of 2009, the sales quantity of Chinese passenger cars (?1.6 liters emission) was 6.43 million, rising by 67.7% YOY. The volume took up 70% of the destroy sales quantity of passenger cars and since 50% of the axe sales amount of autos, both proportions increasing by nearly 8% YOY. The market rake-off of low-emission passenger cars is increasing rapidly, indicating more rational consumption of Chinese residents. This will help to realize the stunt saving, emission reduction and tall development of the car consumption peddle.

In the previous 11 months of 2009, the end subsidized volume of autos and china Motorcycles for the countryside by Chinese government reached 4.19 meg with the cashed funds of RMB 6.1 billion. Among that, the subsidized volumes of autos again China Motorcycles manufacturer have been 1.17 million and 3.02 million separately. The automobiles and China bikes going to the countryside policy plays a positive role in stimulating the still consumption, improving the quiet auto consumption structure, promoting the upgrading of rural transportation means, improving the living standard of rural residents and accelerating the building of a new socialist geographical region. in accordance to statistics, the income volume of the main auto type spell the auto vim to the countryside policy €” crossover passenger cars (mainly minibuses) exceeded 1.6 million in the previous eleven months of 2009. It is anticipated that the revenue volume of various autos will exceed 2 million reputation Chinese countryside, rising through over 80% YOY force 2009.

hold 2009, Chinese new vehicle consumption market rose continuously with a high speed, vitalizing the second-hand vehicle market. From January to oct of 2009, the trading volume of Chinese second-hand car was inevitable 3 million, rising by 28% YOY. The buying and selling volume is predicted to reach 3.6 million in the whole year of 2009.

In 2009, chinese language domestic brand cars grew gradually. In 2010, the revenue volume of Chinese domestic brand cars is expected to rise perpetually. Chinese domestic brand cars displayed the development potential in 2009. 3 . In the previous 11 months of 2009, the sales quantity of BYD F3 cars was 255,000, ranking the first. dishware Motorcycles manufacturer The domestic-brand car €” Chery QQ (sales volume: 152,000, ranking the eighth) was also among the Top 10 grease Chinese car sales volume in the previous 11 months of 2009. 2. sway 2009, the monthly sales volumes of domestic-brand auto models like as Roewe 550 of SAIC Motor, Alsvin of ChangAn Automobile and Tojoy of JAC automobiles exceeded 5,000. If Chinese car market continues the affluent development, the domestic-brand auto sales volumes of all the above companies will surpass 150,000. Chinese domestic-brand car enterprises entrust realize breakeven in 2010.

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