Office of the General Office of the Ministry of Finance

Office of the General Office of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Agriculture jointly issued on October 15 to further cheer up the management of agricultural subsidies for acquire of emergency notification, the financial departments at all levels, Agricultural computerization Department Strengthening Management of Agricultural Machinery subsidies, maximize the effect of subsidies. discovered that this year the central government issued 13 1000000000 dynasty subsidy juice two groups of funds, the first batch of 10 billion dynasty purchase of agricultural subsidies has been put in place, on expanding home demand, adjust the structure, advertising growth, maintaining balance and made a positive contribution . 3.0 1000000000 purchase of the 2nd batch of agricultural subsidies has been issued ahead in september. Notification requirements, financial departments at all levels, agricultural departments should attach celebrated importance of the implementation of subsidies, a low understanding of dairy machinery purchase subsidy policies to further stimulate domestic demand, accelerating agricultural machinery, and promote the steady development of agriculture and farmers continued to increase in significance. To the second batch of 3 billion yuan to lavish upon the implementation of funding as the current presentation priority, good job, to be certain that subsidies benefit the implementation of the letter to the farmers. Present, a juncture whilst the fall off of agricultural production ahead Period, the twitch and Winter planting tight, heavy task. Notification requirements at unreduced levels of financial, agricultural departments should closely cooperate, resources close attention to organization, juice accordance with the special matter, shelter tonight’s request, to strengthen coordination of efforts to speed advancing the never cease of implementation. To co-ordinate arrangements for supervision and agricultural organizations, production enterprises, by pin To create in subsidies to the achievement and supply, farmers do a good job application, examination, delivery, billing and unlike subsidies, to be sure the fastest machines deliver of subsidies to farmers. Subsidies imprint particular the first province to implement a slower, to attach great importance to take practical measures to ensure the progress of implementing the second tranche of funding. To strictly implement the subsidy fund settlement time, speed up the progress of the settlement subsidies. Progress in the implementation besides progress of settlement subsidies continue to be submitted every two weeks once referred to as for the feat. Circular reiterates that all localities should strictly implement the State Council’s “3 prohibits” the occasion that the prohibited area to an unreasonable disposition to protect the backward production capacity, is strictly prohibited to force farmers to purchase advised products, is prohibited by the national expansion of farm machinery purchase subsidy international price hikes. In strict accordance with ” Agricultural equipment The godsend of special funds to let have purchase of Interim Measures “requirement, specification management, sun operation, carefully enforce the” five “system, that is, competition and choice screening system equipment subsidies, subsidies provincial centralized payment system, beneficiaries announcement system, the implementation process guard device the implementation of beneficial assessment systems. Agricultural departments at all levels of operations to be domination strict compliance procedures, according to the steps to the letter to the implementation of policies in region. At work to rigid requirements, irregularities, and earnestly “8 may not” fair, open and transparent. financial departments at all levels to actively participate in farm machinery acquire remittance policy, the joint research to enforce the necessities to ensure safety of subsidies to ensure farmers.


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