Of drought and “water”, that we can not reach without

Of drought and “water”, that we can not reach without the necessities every day, now a lot of people care about most “luxury.” The total amount of water is limited, how to use on a human face to a big challenge seriously. Kunming soak Authority prepared a “reclaimed water management practices hold Kunming,” and proposed use of saved water, the government issued the policy of subsidies concern.

23 morning, Kunming Water regimentation on the use of recycled water management avenue drafted also authoritative hearings. 18 from the relevant administrative departments, units of production and use of reclaimed water and public representatives on the “Kunming recycled water limitation approach” to fully expound their own opinions and suggestions.

Highly cost-effective use of recycled water

This is from the Queensland summer dragon boat on advantage of the Group considered at the listening to of an account. He said Queensland boat group a few senility ago on the use of reclaimed water, when the Kunming’s water is more than one tonne recycled soak facilities into large, feeling not over cost-effective, and owing to Kunming water a ton 4 yuan or so, recycled water is cost-effective to quite high. The large green area within the enterprise, a assembly of water we use each day, if we still use tap water, it costs too much, so it is game at the city Jieshui Ban publicity and help propose the boon of recycled water.

Kunming Public Transport neighborhood has engage up 15 renewable humidify treatment stations, irrigate saving 300,000 tons per year, for enterprises to save a large amount of water, also reduces pollution, protect Environment . Liu Xiaomao from the Public Transport Group on behalf of the set that the construction of a recycled water treatment plant into a great, can not let the competence idle, therefore, while giving subsidies for the restraint does not have to have penalties in region.

Representative sub-two steps of fat subsidies can
Reclaimed water is an the world over recognized, “the second city of water.” big use of metropolis reclaimed water guilt not only increase the raze amount of urban water resources, and reducing Water pollution . In edict to encourage units also residential quarters building for reclaimed water use facilities “means” clear the metropolis and suzerainty (district) level financial departments to set up renewable water use special funds, ingrained funds for reclaimed water use benefits; social capital investment and operation of reclaimed water, in the early operating loss, you authority operate by way of the same level appropriate financial compensation, while enjoying the preferential policies the state’s tax relief.

Hearing representatives felt that the shooting match of the above terms, to promote and expand the use of reclaimed water cede produce inordinately positive results, they suggested that further refinement subsidies, allow people to ventilate whether to use recycled water can be clear. Summer wanting suggested the favor of reclaimed water compliance, the government token 0.7 yuan per ton at present, whether this subsidy is divided into two distribution and account of recycled water can be 0.35 yuan according to ton subsidy, the use of saved bedew in compliance can get full subsidies.

Old residential reclaimed water facilities built at their own expense is not feasible
“Kunming recycled irrigate management approach” proposed power the municipal evacuation string is no longer accessible units have been built within the region or district, need to be self distributed or adopt a “family fight, fight area, fight hospital” approach to building regional type of reclaimed water use of facilities leave waste All collection further recycling.

Package subterranean Cong, Wang Yanxiang, Bi Zheng and other groups are alive in the old quarters of the residents. They observed that Kunming is a metropolis of water, thanks to a child experienced a long wait in bag to spend a day of water through, therefrom they insist on dampen conservation. They take stuffed advantage of that water is a performance of social civilization further progress, compulsory measures should act for really into to use recycled water, pollution of Dianchi Lake governance is also evident opinion. But also that the recycled water facilities into a one-time great, if unique by residential households in finance is not feasible, especially for the old district is supplementary difficult, many units also Chubu Qi finance. Therefore, the Government’s construction of recycled irrigate facilities should further collect investment.

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