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Numerous Air conditioning The brand related to responsible persons are said Energy Subsidies narrowed in June after the temper conditioning cede initiate to better prices, or no longer less than 10%. 5 5, the legation of Finance, Development again Reform Commission jointly issued the “energy efficient air conditioning on the adjusted economic subsidies to promote the notice” (the “Notice”), decided to combine the implementation of the new going efficiency standards for energy efficient air conditioning subsidies to promote the policy adjusted accordingly. “Notice” clear, energy efficient air-conditioning subsidies thanks to the promotion policy from June 1, 2010 onwards for a further year, the central government consign be the new energy efficiency standards thanks to energy efficiency level 2 and above products to pursue to give subsidies, the implementation period to May 2011 31. Subsidized product align and below the rated cooling capacity of 7500w models. Under the new proposition efficiency standards implemented, 1,2-class energy efficiency air conditioning and three energy-efficient air conditioning charge variances, adjust the legacy standard for the 150?? 250. Meanwhile, the promotion of neighborly Inverter standpoint conditioner. Subsidy policy changes may fall for on what impact the air conditioning industry? An interview keep secret Xinhua Changhong, Pescod Air conditioning manufacturers such as the responsible person, they all said the narrowing of energy subsidies would result in prices in June garnet after the air-conditioning, or not less than 10%. Air at original 10% price increase “Air conditioning is chief to raise prices!” Changhong air conditioner Marketing steer Yu Hao said, the distinguish subsidies on the unparalleled hand to follow through air conditioning reflects the nation continued to aid the determination of rush conservation awareness, but also made whereas proclivity conditioning agencies test. In his view, because the state subsidies for energy-saving air-conditioning usual on June 1 in the future from the distinctive 300 yuan?? 850 yuan down to 150?? 250 reduction from very large, air-conditioning manufacturers price increases are inevitable. But how great the price rise? Yu Hao said he was no longer supremacy estimates of other manufacturers, but Chang is currently because adjusted to the price system, the specific number of price increases but additionally according to force and tout conditions to determine. “Minimum not much less than 10%.” Chigo Air Conditioning Public Relations regulate Huang Tung-hua said that the price of air conditioning the past two years due to rising material costs besides other factors, on the faultless is evolvement. Since endure year, the reason why prices have dropped because of state subsidies for energy-saving PWM led to. Today, subsidies to reduce the amount of the price law to the individual level or higher is a common occurrence. He also believes that the market for air conditioning aptitude as relatively symbolic in the long run, subsidies on energy-saving air-conditioning changes Sell Little effect. Air conditioning manufacturers on price increases compared to the estimates, the industry is expected to gain more. According to the new energy efficiency standards, the current two air conditioning energy efficiency will turn into the new standard prominence the three energy-efficient products, and bequeath elude ration eligibility. Under the new standard in subsidized primary again lesser energy efficient air conditioning, subsidies have diminished the intensity is about 6 percent, “the new tip policy can even cause to price energy-saving air-conditioning for more than 20% of the callback, ’51’ duration of low priced air-conditioning not again this year, “said air-conditioning industry. Energy-saving air-conditioning has turn into mainstream Since June 1, 2009, the Ministry of Finance, National Development and revise Commission by path of subsidies to promote energy efficient air conditioning since the energy effectual air-conditioning market progress rapidly, the overall vigor efficiency products further significant improvement in promoting energy conservation, stimulating domestic consumption, promoting industrialized upgrading has played an important role. over the implementation of Projects that benefit the energy-saving items Greatly improve the trip efficiency standards for set conditioning products, popularizing energy-efficient air-conditioning, fundamental changes in inefficient predilection conditioning consumption in China accounted for a market-driven situation, our country Air conditioning energy efficiency Reached the world advanced level. It is understood that market lucre supremacy energy-efficient air conditioning has changed from before to promote the current 5% to 70% or more, underground more than the expected target. According to preliminary calculations relevant departments, if in 5 years to achieve low energy efficiency in the use of replacement energy efficient air conditioning All air conditioning, saving 45 billion kwh per year again reduce simulacre dioxide emissions forty five million tons.

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