"Now means cheating cheaters really full of tricks ah, I

"Now means cheating cheaters really full of tricks ah, I got a call that is to Bringing home appliances Subsidies scored my bank card, actually want to ask my bank account and password. I want to comply the countryside Home home equipment The civic mind you, this number is misleading. "Mr. Yin who lives in Fountain Township yesterday (Dec. 2) reached the newspaper hotline, told irate approximately sound. "Just a few minutes ago, I received a phone call. He directly name out my name, also reported alien my new Motorcycle The license plate number, then asked me, the geographical region is not have not got the subsidies. before I answer, that person said that the current account into the money does not play, for I re-reported account again password again, the staff immediately re-play money. "Mr. Yin cautiously described to reporters adjoining the adventure. "I aphorism the beginning of caller ID is a 010 plane calling, the phone deserve to be Beijing." Mr. Yin was to express suspicious of the heart, it’s clear order is to the town subsidies, how about being represented since the Beijing? Moreover, a few days ago he had acquired the subsidy, it should be a gimmick, he labored for the cellphone directly broach this trick, surprise, the other frame immediately changed and Mr Yin inopportune them. Hung up the phone, he labored seeing this newspaper once called the hotline, told reporters: "We notified the city to cede the purchase of family appliances in about 15 days after the issuance of, a direct needle from the town we book account of. fraudsters is to use the time rogue. I appurtenant received a subsidy because individual see through the ruse, and they opine my personal information a clear picture, I am shy that many have not received the subsidy when the meeting cheated. " Reporter has found out that from also can 1 this year, beginning farmers to purchase family home equipment to the nation-state products can mean Sell 13% of the price subsidies, from the town (street) government subsidies without delay to farmers through phytologist issue passbook savings accounts. Yongquan Town, bringing domestic appliances racket staff told newshounds that subsidies by way of their credit issued by the faculty of unity, generally recorded within 15 days after purchase, if not get the subsidy within 15 days, the villagers can practice the Office of appliances to the countryside query, go to the countryside commit not be subsidized by other departments or other basis. In addition, newshounds and offbeat departments in the City Vehicle Administration swallow that the owners came to the license information is absolutely confidential, and only I admit to show ID to query information. As Mr. Yin’s personal information to substitute disclosed, the staff said, the owner, after buying a new car, insurance, etc. in the process of handling discriminating information are registered, and a national network appliances to the countryside, now check a cluster of ways are multifold techniques to negotiate personal information that we should not readily believe such deception phone.

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