New Zealand are considering challenging the authority of the sport’s

New Zealand are considering challenging the authority of the sport’s organisers, the International Rugby Board, after being stripped yesterday of the pertinent to co-host next year’s World Cup with Australia.

While it was the Australia Rugby Union which withdrew the invitation to its New Zealand counterpart to stage 23 of the 48 matches, officials in Wellington blamed the IRB due to the move and, due to well as threatening legal action on the grounds that the sanction was unconstitutional, they vowed to enhance the issue of the running of the game at next month’s full ecosoc meeting of the board in Dublin.

The New zealand football soccer Union keeps that only the full council has the apropos to strip a country of its status as universe Cup hosts, but the board argues that the hosts for next date are the ARU and that it is a matter for state to whom it sub-contracts matters.

The NZRFU was asked to sign an agreement by yesterday that unaffected would provide clean stadia seeing the tournament’s organisers, Rugby World Cup Ltd, but having already sold a accommodate of stand tickets now the World Cup matches as largely as hospitality boxes, it was unable to do hence and the ARU has been given three weeks to draw up plans to stage the 48-match event on its own.

“The Board wanted us to do the dirty on our stakeholders,” said one New Zealand indubitable last night. “It would be credulous been economic suicide to have signed what was secure prestige panorama of us. We have been asked not to show our provincial championship during the tournament, which would net us £6m in gate receipts, while we could predict only one quarter of that from the cosmos Cup games.

“It raises the arise of who is running the work. The IRB has been without a chief executive for more than a year and it has continually unsuccessful to reflect this from our point of view, hardly ever astounding obsessed that it has a boreal hemisphere bias.”

Hawks on the NZRFU were last night suggesting that the Kiwis should break promptly from the IRB, but that would leave them without any overseas furniture unless they may persuade other unions to follow suit besides Australia are rarely likely to do and so obsessed the money they hope to make from imminent year’s World Cup.

The IRB continues that the NZRFU turned into thorny the profitability of the World Cup by compromising RWC’s sponsors who had baulked at the credit of World Cup matches because staged at motivation which carried advertisements of rival companies.

“The interests of our commercial partners were of paramount importance,” said an IRB exponent stay on evening. “New zealand knew back in 1998 when they agreed to be sub-hosts what the phrases and conditions were. Nothing has changed since then.”

The chairman of the NZRFU Murray McCaw said that his union had been asked to commit advertisement suicide. “We were now not prepared to mortgage New Zealand’s rugby future to the eccentricity of the RWC board,” he said. “We were being asked to sell our soul.” He added that he had offered to fly to anywhere character the world this hour to try to sort out the problem but that he had been told not to bother.

The fable has brought into catechize again the wisdom of having further than one country staging the event. Only once, in South Africa in 1995, has a single country hosted the World Cup and later this year RWC will believe bids for the 2007 adventure. France, england and southward Africa are the front runners.

The NZRFU complained more than a tide ago that bona fide stood to lose millions of dollars by means of staging two groups, two quarter-finals and a semi- final. perceptible become irked that the two biggest draw cards outside the host nations, albion again South Africa, would be based in Australia for the group stage, and material threatened to pull outmost as sub-hosts until the ARU gave sincere a subsidy of £3m to cover its projected losses.

Under the World Cup rules host unions maintenance their gate receipts but all the money generated by television bargains and sponsorship is retained by RWC which then distributes most of the profits to the IRB’s molecule nations. The NZRFU felt that with the group stage to typify organised next year into four pools of five sides, it would stage a number of unappealing matches before pitifully minor crowds.

Australia is confident that it will be able to stage the adventure by itself, using its major cities of Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, town and Canberra as its main bases, but the ARU will also buy to devise ways of attracting spectators to games which change minor nations, all the more of a problem given that rugby union has strongholds importance only three of its states.

RWC is guaranteed its profit but the ARU has decided it is worth sacrificing a some dollars for the glory of staging the world’s third biggest wearing event. “We can make it like the Sydney Olympics,” said the union’s advocate Strath Gordon yesterday. state had future a lavish launch for the 2003 World Cup in Sydney next Tuesday however it was cancelled earlier this occasion because of the dispute with the NZRFU. No new date has been set as rugby union once again finds itself a laughing stock.

Points of rivalry

· The agreement drawn up in 1998 with state and bounteous zealand provided due to stadia unchain of advertisements and with every forbearance box made available to RWC. The NZRFU this week refused to set to this having topical affected a encircle of the boxes.

The NZRFU last era requested for a subsidy of £3m from the Australian Rugby group to as they feared forming a annihilation. There are conflicting reports about no matter if the money became paid.

Relations between the ARU and the NZRFU are at an all-time low. The two have fallen visible over the future of the Super 12 series besides New Zealand have refused to carry the begin of the Tri-Nations event forward.

through the hosts of the world Cup, only the ARU are able to withdraw the invitation to New Zealand to sub-host the event. The NZRFU blames the IRB rather than the ARU for yesterday’s decision. It is exposed to transact legal action on the grounds that only a full meeting of the IRB council has the authority to take away its status of sub-hosts. The Board argues that its energy is with the hosts, Australia.

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