National Development and Reform Committee on the head was defined

National Development and Reform Committee on the head was defined in detail 3 Car Home Appliances ” TM to “Subsidy conditions again techniques. Which car” TM “policy also the existing 1.6-liter and under halved passenger vehicle purchase tax policy onus no longer be repeated enjoyment. original said the car “TM” at the same time meet the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce Notice No. 20 of 2009, the subsidy model, can definite be indebted a philanthropy policies, such as early retirement “yellow standard car” and to ensue their fleets, new car has been enjoying a 1.6 liter and beneath half passenger vehicle purchase trial collection policy, no longer give thanks the old cars better subsidies. On the vehicle innkeeper how to get “TM” subsidies, the official said, the owner of the vehicles to comply with the down home car “TM” model range and service life requirements. predominance addition, the owners inclination to sell scrap automobile scrap car collection to the criminal dismantling enterprises, and enterprises issued via recycling dismantling the “end of life vehicle recycling to prove.” Owners credentials “to prove discarded automobiles”, update vehicle purchase bill and sufficient identity unit or especial to land at the municipal sabotage of the relevant departments in intrusion of subsidies. According to reports, authorities in conjunction with the financial sector to apply for subsidies to correct vehicle examination, the issue owner “abandoned cars subsidies paid notice”, the owner with “scrap car subsidies paid notice” to receive subsidies. encourage appliance “TM” The main measures taken by means of way of financial subsidies, the implementation of the Category 5 household electric appliances, “TM” subsidies, first pilot, gradually extend. economic arrangements of 2 1000000000 yuan in 2009 funds for home appliances, “TM” subsidies. basically focused on buying new appliances make over Jiujia Dian and consumers, since well as recycling and dismantling company Jiujia Dian and sent to the transportation costs for certain subsidies. Subsidies by the central government and singular governments co-pay. This year, the standard areas identified as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Zhejiang , Shandong, Guangdong , Fuzhou, Changsha, 9 provinces and municipalities. Subsidies varieties tv Machine, Refrigerator , washing machines, head-set conditioning , Computer Category 5 appliances. Paying the old buy a more appliance sales price offertory of not more than 10%, and sub-species to determine the maximum subsidy, recovery transport a fixed subsidy. On the appliance “TM” program, the official said, by tender sellers of consumer electronics again home appliances to determine recycling business. Consumers through the Internet or telephone, waste recycling buyout Jiujia Dian, issued to the consumers of national assembling printed “appliances TM to evidence.” Consumers with “home appliances TM to certificate” to the successful purchase of family appliances appliance vendors. appliance vendors selling price strayed the subsidy in accordance with domestic appliances sold at prices to consumers. economic department of the records and evidence relevant information to the seller subsidies.

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