Nanjing CMMI subsidy policy: 1, support Software Enterprises bigger and

Nanjing CMMI subsidy policy: 1, support Software Enterprises bigger and stronger1, enterprise software agencies and utility products identified by the payment of the expenses (including inspection fees), upon approval, to supply subsidies. Government departments at all levels of subsidies will now not punctuate to enjoy. 2, help for software enterprises to create national brands, sit on "excellent software products in China," the title given to one-time award, the amount of not less than 50,000 yuan. 3, support software product development and manufacturing, software companies, research and development costs of the actual growth over the previous year further than 10%, then allowed to 50% of the actual amount of offset current taxable income. 4, on the focus of state planning software manufacturers, such as that year did not enjoy the tax holiday, reduced rate of 10% income tax. 5, development of government procurement of software products and services, catalog and standards, and actively serve the city excellent software items and services into the government procurement directory. numerous levels of curb in the log budget allocations of special funds earmarked for direction agencies and budget allocations and institutions to buy genuine software. Organs, enterprises and institutions to use financial resources to procure software items and services, under the even conditions, should allot priority to the acquisition, use city software enterprise software products further services. 6, software enterprises with independent knowledge of the results, verified by the assessment importance be used as intangible belongings of foreign investment, the provincial science and technology departments were identified as high-tech achievements, the evaluation of intangible belongings to net assets ratio agreed upon by the traders themselves. 7, high-tech venture capital firm in the metropolis accede up software venture seed chief (not much less than 20 million), attract the domestic and international venture funds, investment companies, listed companies and other exertion super firms, cave ventures, the software industry in our metropolis. Second, to promote the internationalization of the software industry1, to encourage foreign investment in city IT Manufacturing enterprises will touch to Nanjing, embedded software advancement. Investment money Nanjing more than 10 million U.S. dollars pull foreign investment IT manufacturing companies, creating embedded software research and development operation software agency further have been determined to pass out Income reaches a certain size, in addition to national guidelines to flip for income tax "two reductions further three half" concessions, at the corresponding level in the 3 to fifth year corporate improvement trial then the amount retained component of technology development for the offering business. 2, play in our metropolis spell Europe, America, Japan, Korea and other nations and regions, branch offices and software companies outside the channel, to develop utility exports also outsourcing market. Support a number of key software enterprises to set up branches overseas, and to give blessing hike and complete the formalities cognate as guidance and assistance. Encourage the utility industry associations and export trade associations and foreign-related smooth party organizations to carry out non-governmental exchanges. 3, continue to advertise the Capability maturity Model due to application enterprises, and inheritance (CMM / CMMI) and the succession of self-certification system, the adoption of CMM / CMMI certified company rewarded. 4, to encourage software exports. based hierarchy of software export contract5, directly to the foreign-owned businesses and services software, recognized by means of the relevant departments, can enjoy preferential policies related to software exports. Third, instigate the incentives and training software talents1, nurturing task of the application stab leader. both past for the software industry to make a special contributor to hail and advantages. 2, its software efforts to train workforce in each of the utility development special funds be used to finance software, training of personnel. 3, at the same nullify budget to allocate special funds for the software business executives and technical staff person for the first time and consequently Nanjing to buy houses, cars, capital subsidy, subsidy criteria do not exceed the previous year have to long green personal earnings tax 80%. 4, meet the conditions for public software companies abroad staff abroad, can epitomize implemented once approved, effective way several times a year; need regular checks to also from Hong Kong, Macao and software companies can apply for multiple access to Hong Kong, Macao procedures. 5, support for overseas students to allow up application organizations in Nanjing. A year from abroad students particular on merit for other business start-up projects to support some good. 6, engrossed in software work utility systems analysts and systems engineers with bachelor degree or above, or a faculty education and above have intermediate professional titles, or have big inventions the software developer, to grant the spouse and minor children settled down in Nanjing. 4, walk through up the software base construction1, Jiangsu software Park and the city recognized by the application base, after approval of the national power sector into the overall development plan of city High-tech Zone, give thanks the state preferential policies for high-tech zones. 2, the introduction of foreign software companies headquarters, regional headquarters, R & D center in Nanjing Software Park, Jiangsu Software field and the city recognized by the software base or aggrandized purchase of supplementary research and development sites, since the completion or treasure trove of date, three years appear as exempted from property taxes or city true estate tax, the amount of land transfer fees halved, chief projects negotiated. Software grassland on the enterprise Lease Space to instance subsidies. The company, dominion the transfer of land use rights, land use change or abrogation of the nature of the software spirit qualifications, should be required to pay enlargement land carry. 3, the city where the software base area, arrange special fund to focus on and increase utility parks (base) in infrastructure construction also backyard as just now as possible more than two bases in the industrial layout. Software inside of the enterprise zone tax revenue turned over to the canton than the previous section, the retained part of its basic principle thanks to park facilities construction. 4, support qualified universities, research institutions, established with the technical characteristics of the software field or software working center. All land inside the original construction, municipal authorities should give priority to tackle the relevant procedures, to provide the right-hand support and benefits. 5, each voyage lead in the establishment of municipal software development base in the city’s software essay target assessment team finished the software base for assessing the locus assessment indicators, give rewards and punishments according to exam results. 5, the software industry to create a good environment through development1, invigorating IPR protection Joint conference system to play the position of intellectual property improve copyright, intellectual property rights, public security and the courts and other collaborative multi-linkage device to increase the protection of software intellectual property efforts. Government departments take the lead in the use of legitimate software, while enterprises further institutions to guide and support the use of precise software, accelerate the development of the formation is a good outgoing atmosphere to use genuine software. Software copyright


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