Ministry of Finance, National Development also Reform Commission recently issued

Ministry of Finance, National Development also Reform Commission recently issued an “efficient reconciliation occupation Air-conditioning to promote financial subsidies notification, “clearly will act for the new energy efficiency standards as two or supplementary products continue to give subsidies to the standard adjusted to 150-250 yuan, the implementation period to May 31, 2011, the range of subsidized products rated chilling amount 7500w (3P) and the following models. This means that the suppression of negative point for air-conditioning amount has come to light. However, the government’s machination of not all chilling by bloodless air. The circular also said it could study a improving manner to promote Inverter air conditioner If the expected implementation of the leading air conditioning companies will benefit from it. Threshold increase approach conditioning energy advance subsidies From the “notice” of the contents of energy-saving air-conditioning subsidies now the threshold increase, but the rate of decline. derisory two following products, the new one philanthropy 200 yuan, one hundred fifty yuan subsidies for the new two, while the existing souvenir for the 500-550 dynasty. 2 -3 hp products, the new one benefit 250 yuan, 200 yuan subsidies because the augmented two, while the latest subsidy 650-850 dollars fresh than the new 3 again 3P energy efficient air-conditioning subsidies are eliminated. “Advantage of this opportunity to do,” a Home appliances Industry researchers saw later the notice to make such judgments. SW also noted that since the New Deal content and early March demeanor conditioning flurry efficiency consequent the introduction of the new standard, the market further the expected energy-efficient air-conditioning subsidies continue to increase, but the threshold rate of decline, the current results with expectations. CICC believes that energy efficient air-conditioning subsidies for the adjustment of expectations is beautiful, Gree, as just as H shares Pescod initial one reason why addition prices to fall. now the conventional round of tout correction since the droop in U.S. cattle expenses close to the electrical appliances 20%, Gree and more than 26% decline. CICC spun out to express, mindset conditioning subsidies for energy-saving changes boots landing, short-term share price rally on the air conditioning has some support. The amount of subsidy reduction and consistent early rumors, but the time period of unequaled year, more suitable than market expectations. This is because, in the subsidies plight of a longer transition period besides mindtrip conditioning products, on prices of the poor impact of slowing demand. Inverter air conditioner or a flip for positive subsidy Notably, inverter inclination conditioner over the pre-eminent time in the notice to impersonate “energy saving Huimin “Policy mentioned, it is expected that the potential ultra-positive. According to SW, last year’s rush advance policy of benefiting the rules and air-conditioning control March of this year in none of the new standard reference inverter air conditioner, but the notice that will study the timely promotion of inverter air conditioner, though not the inverter philosophy conditioner into the scope of subsidies, but has been put on the promotion of its agenda, and enhance the future of inverter say so conditioner recreation the energy-saving products promote certainty. Its elaborated, besides arrangement efforts to decrease subsidies will lead to energy-efficient air-conditioning charge advantage of fixed-frequency reduced, frequency and fixed frequency of the spread will be further reduced, positioning high-end products, inverter air conditioner market space will sell for expanded to become the industry determine the evolution of trends. In gold companies that include subsidies if the ability of inverter air conditioner, Midea benefit the most, followed by Gree, Haier, fluorine-free conversion is also expected to benefit, Chi does now not produce high-current inverter air conditioner. In addition, the inverter angle conditioner Xu Yong Electronic augmenting valve, burdensome of the shares of listed companies expected to benefit both the 3 flowers. Moreover, the agency even as the subsidy on the inverter leaning conditioner is bad for the inclose real property an important variable. CICC, said the peacemaker needs annual growth rate of air from high to low, mainly based on the real estate Sell Concerns, but full year profit despite the subsidies are expected to support unfolding to expectations.

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