Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce announced on

Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce announced on 22 to expand rural consumption ” Home Appliances The nation-state “will take place in Shandong, Henan and Sichuan provinces took the lead vanguard. Provinces farmers will be able to give blessing products for low-key markets target household appliances, but also from the finance department to apply for” home appliances to the countryside “subsidy. (In December 23 “Beijing Times”), this news immediately aroused public outcry. because the sighted see the answer, so-called “home appliances to the countryside” is nothing however government and industry together consequence one appliance, “product promotion” only. With “home appliances to the countryside,” the name of bland customer market, stimulating rural consumption, although looks not beyond the scope of the market, but the actual result of government departments involved and the use of fiscal policy, they reposing plan to convey the administrative and brand, its obvious drawbacks. First of all, a waste of resources. Since the equipment industry, investment, exports, subject to a number of detached factors which have to slow down, and so another domestic appliances specifically tailor-made for farmers, whether raw materials, or product design and manufacture of the various links on the specific need to spend a lot of manpower and resources and investment. these specially tailored thanks to the rural poor earnings of home appliances in the future once, or no longer flock the at peace market, inevitably lead to new waste. followed by “bringing home appliances,” financial tribute is “well-off subsidy.” Rural affordable TV , Refrigerator And cellular Families are generally wealthy households, the implementation of financial subsidies to these wealthy households are up in the unpropitious area. Moreover, the “home appliances to the countryside” subsidies may be the “earmarking,” but I think that the limited financial elements should personify used monopoly “blade” on. Farmers now need “subsidy” is precisely such as fitness care, their children to school and pension insurance, through well owing to fertilizer, seed and other agricultural items in its place of buying appliances. “Three rural issues” really solved, farmers pockets bulging, and the metropolis they might like americans to settle equity in the home equipment market. Third, the “ulterior motives.” “Appliances to the countryside” subsidies appear to support and advantage cultivation measures, but the precise purpose and genesis is not here. Ministry of money Deputy convoy Zeng economic construction protection gave away the “secret”?? Home appliances be reformed an important source of trade surplus, the resulting products over the Chinese home appliance frequent field friction. Implementation of the “home appliances to the countryside”, can transfer export capacity, reduce the trade surplus and business frictions, but also digest appliance industry excess capacity, reversing the general descending trend of corporate benefit … … It is true that the implementation of the Ministry of Finance and the represantative of Commerce, “home appliances to the countryside” The intention is to “serve two purposes,” but this “ulterior motives” of the subsidies effect farmers feel that they have become a “big dump” of the object. In addition, the Ministry of Finance, embassy of Commerce, however the identification of an agreement with the successful enterprise, to ensure no longer to out products to the rural backward. can even we whole-hog know, home appliances brand, model different from the quality of parts used is different, resulting sway significant price differences. “Appliances to the countryside” successful production of “countryside home appliances,” although it may be a qualified product, however they are in rural areas, “custom” of these home appliances how the badge of the materials used? Products, the actual price excellent? It is difficult to have a defined usual. So individuals have reason to suspect that this component of the financial subsidy of 13% will now not be repeated, “fleece” the trick? Current government and cultural enterprises to “culture to rural areas,” Gao De spectacular, but it seems that did not last long, because the growing cultural and arts market, the interests of the lever restricted “show” impulses. “Appliances to the countryside,” the exemplar can also act for seen thanks to another government departments and enterprises, “marriage”, then this destiny will happen? individuals may passion to wait again see.

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