“Make up a ghost,NokiaN2630 in the price is 699 yuan.

“Make up a ghost,NokiaN2630 in the price is 699 yuan. Two weeks ago, I bought this a direct bargain 520 yuan on diagnostic up the. “Yesterday, in Dongguan, a QQ group, it changed into such a complaintBringing home appliancesProducts that some items are not affordable, subsidized unworthy of the name.’s Survey get going that users of the bid price to scan market transactions than regular high charges is not uncommon. In addition, a number of a success products did not actually go to the countryside, rural residents to buy goods, etc. Quemei uncommon. Question of who supplies subsidies in the adjust? Appliances to rural places is the recent focus of all parties concerned. Recently, the Dongguan implant significance a QQ users of the appliances to the countryside there is quite objectionable. user “Little Q” says, N2630 in the price is 699 yuan, after 13% subsidy still more than six hundred yuan. But he just purchased this two weeks agoMobile, 520 dynasty on their own direct fixed up a bargain. obtaining remark, instantly followed by another netizen said some time ago to buy their own phone, not the tally was 560 yuan. “I do not know who supplies the money in the end is.” profuse people think, although bringing home appliances products that tender: Tender models selling cost shall not act as higher than the market cost for the consistent models, however they buy the same model with the company product, price subsidies than interesting a bid to cut prices. “What subsidies ah, all Bluff.” A netizen said. The user said, not just himself, his friends round him who also had a identical thing, thus everyone on the home appliances to the countryside more and fresh “not cold”, and that despite the fact the state policy of domestic appliances to the countryside is good for people, However, these might actually interestedness the product owner’s pocket. Survey does now not benefit any of the price beneath “Information Management System home appliances to the countryside,” the official website of the a success Nokia N5000 limit is 868 dynasty. If the state subsidy of 13%, thereupon 868 yuan ‚ƒ- 13% = 112.84 yuan, the final price should hold office 868 yuan per -112.84 = 755.16 yuan. But newshounds inaugurate in the market, this telephone is not difficult to buy with 650 each. “Minimum 650 yuan, which we have to sell earlier than the price. You charge consider buying it.” Plenty of entrance in a massive home appliance stores, reporters as a consumer advice cellphone to the lowest price, sales staff say. This proves that the average consumer to buy this phone, without any formalities, direct bargain, after express subsidies than the cheap more than 100 yuan.’s Major mobile phone in Dongguan, a well-known looking online page on the chain saw, a quantum of the Nokia N5000 price of 640 yuan. Another large-scale well-known home appliance chain stores Online browsing paseo in Dongguan area, the product price for 675 yuan, cut than the subsidies on the price. Other examples are:SamsungCC01 phone dry run price of 398 yuan, subsidies, the actual price of more than 340 yuan. However, some products did not sell appliances to the countryside stores, salespeople are given the cost of 288 yuan up and down. except considering some successful products access the price of handsets there are such obscure phenomenon, a contain of successful bidLCD TVAlsoFittingThe start of the article. For example, the limit is 1999 yuan LCD TV, stand and accessories are not sent, to buy the base have to shell outermost an additional 200 All told, or more than 2,000 yuan. despite the fact there are a number of home home equipment store sales, the actual cost more affordable. But whilst the promotional period is over, some products are far better than the actual selling price higher than the end implicate. 32-inch LCD products are still concerned about the absence of Looking forward to the, but frequently disappointed.

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