June from the same level of the new subsidy policy

June from the same level of the new subsidy policy to reduce air-conditioning subsidiesTime settlement subsidy field to reduction to 70% of put in capacityAir next month, as prices go a(Reporter Zhang yuan) new energy efficiency standards and subsidies to their national method leave be implemented since June 1st. Compared plant the existing policies, new policies, reduction of subsidies Qicheng air about the same extinguish. News this morning from Gree, Zhi better number of manufacturers and appliance stores integrated learned in June a foregone conclusion after the inclination conditioning prices, or about 3 percent or so. Old level of energy efficiency into the air will increase through additional than oneYesterday told reporters the century electrical network, which recently received a row of beauty, Gree, Galanz manufacturers approximating notice, from June 1, the air conditioning prices will rise. Which, Gree air-conditioning energy efficiency is 1P price 1499 yuan, June third will be lifted to 1,699 yuan; the United States of 1P energy efficiency air conditioning are priced at 1,399 yuan, on June 1 bequeath be lifted to 1599 yuan. redness to about 15%. Morning, the communicator to verify the situation of Gree standing conditioner and adjust a positive response. "Prices will positively be up, but still relatively large increase, in principle, the current level of prices of energy-efficient machines to more than 600 yuan." Beijing Gree relevant official told reporters. Chigo mental state also said that the hub is whereas so notified, but the cost increase is a elapsed conclusion. Suning Appliance expected, prominence June the average rate of price increases nearest the opinion conditioning will sell for approximately 10%. Store buy emergent tidal air "Air conditioning will certainly be price increases, I bought palpable back about four." Yesterday afternoon in Gome’s Ahn Jung-shop to see numberless customers around the roadman asking questions, besides unequaled middle-aged friend once bought 3 sets of hook, 1 Guiji, worth ripening to 20,000 yuan. Middle-aged man told reporters that his amassed domestic under renovation, started not long, not to lodge air conditioning in the stage, but I heard there may be price increases, and easily bought 4 sets. Suning Appliance limelight showed early can even sales of its mental state conditioning up 420% year on year. Gome also said that its routine conditioning Ahn Jung-shop sales this weekend were also among the forefront of various electrical appliances. supply the stable level of force efficiency subsidies by Qi ChengNew energy effectivity standards again subsidies to make apparent their pattern will be implemented since June 1st. According to report, according to the new turmoil efficiency standards, energy efficiency of existing air conditioning reduced to 3 second, the original one penurious to two. The 3 energy-efficient air-conditioning is not sponsored. Not particular that, according to new national vivacity efficiency standards, and secondary air, again its sales to subsidize only 250-150 yuan, but the old standard air-conditioning at the same annihilate as high as 850 to 300 yuan. The new air conditioning subsidies on charges of the original one the greatest impact, the new standard deviation of around 600 yuan subsidy. Century, the intact electrical network, said CEO WANG Zhi, in addition to reducing the national farmer subsidies, the domestic air-conditioning business in raw material costs than a larger increase over the same period never cease year. demeanor conditioning is the main raw material of copper and steel prices and 10% to 35% of the cost increase. another rise control oil prices also led to increased transportation costs. May, June for the air-conditioning season, tight supply and demand, the mind-set conditioning manufacturers would increase each year this season, the price of mind-set conditioning. 6 months ago to install discount as usualSuning Appliance relevant official told reporters, according to the process of state subsidies, air conditioning manufacturers to furnish and install in order to enjoy the subsidies, so consumers must be installed direction June before the air-conditioning, brands will be able to flip over the normal subsidy concessions, or 6 months to install air-conditioning, manufacturers can only go below the another handout standards. It is proposed that buyers should speak for since much as possible before the May 31 purchase of air-conditioning. pressure addition, because the market popular inverter air conditioner is not affected via the policy, prices not only up, however also with the increasingly intense competition, manufacturers have cut prices possible. 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