introduction: the discipline was still enveloped in inefficient air conditioner

introduction: the discipline was still enveloped in inefficient air conditioner on the “encirclement and suppression” when, recently, changhong air-conditioning suddenly announced it consign stop two energy-efficient production and marketing of , diagnostic produces an energy-efficient air-conditioning. keep secret the country ” projects that benefit the energy-saving products “the implementation of criteria now pending dispute finally settled. major brands have followed suit, on the next 3 energy-efficient air-conditioning shutdown, clearing inventory. at the same time, home appliances marketplace has also sent out the wave to: inefficient air-conditioning will be withdrawn during the year, first-line store. in the industry also biased juice inefficient air-conditioning “encirclement and suppression” when, recently, changhong air conditioner suddenly announced it consign stop two energy-efficient production also marketing of , only produces an energy-efficient air-conditioning. two discontinued understanding of energy-efficient “changhong from now on commit be phasing superficial the two energy-efficient ,” jan. 10, changhong air conditioner marketing minister yu haoxuan marketing company, said changhong air conditioner actually had discontinued in october of this year 0.5 and the following energy-efficient air-conditioning, specializing in level. 3 month after the digestion, the current of the tout two changhong air conditioner is minor adequate. beginning this week, changhong will stop selling non-level of , adding the bar and guiji. reporter saw several major home appliance stores, changhong air conditioner sales vis-a-vis while still in secondary energy efficient , however the promoters said will all be changed by an energy-efficient air-conditioning. it is understood rating classification is based on standard. wall-mounted an ratio of 3.4 or more, 0.5 to 3.2. waste sway policy in accordance with national regulations, to enjoy huimin criteria for subsidies must associate two or more. yee’s statistics from data, by the end of september to early october of the week, the familiar air-conditioning sales volume, one, two accounting over close to 70%. in this 2 / 3 share, the primary and secondary comparable proportion. “according to the average situation, countries are planned to enjoy the farmer would have air-conditioning subsidies because the rating adjust.” yu hao observed that the implementation for three projects that benefit the less inefficient air conditioner progressively were eliminated, the leaning conditioning industry to earn a technical prefer. from a macro perspective, the purpose of the national promotion of energy conservation has been exceeded, however in projects that benefit the payments are path through price range. therefore, the state is planned to increase the enjoyment of the air-conditioning subsidies for rating, equivalent now limiting the scope of the subsidy wipe out of , or increase the standards, will be reduced to two and so the current level. this not only additional promote the upgrading of industrial technology, but also a greater degree of realization of energy saving environmental protection purposes. “in my estimation, the policy adjustment will not exceed the latest fame may 2010.” hao yu confidently. pescod the relevant responsible person said, energy policy entrust show up above huimin adjust their good end. but as a result of its products are really an , therefore, stable if the design to the above adjustments, their impact will not be too much. if so, they bequeath repercussion time make a deal. besides shou-wen zhang, general manager of chengdu, the u.s. is that many manufacturers are now dash hard to improve , to beauty, for example, the destiny production of fixed-frequency air-conditioning levels are in a more, inverter air conditioner even more so. if these adjustments occur, their products can choose the policy requirements. guiji difficult standard to revise in changhong stop production and earnings of models additionally includes a non-level guiji. substantial is implicit that the peddle guiji and lower grades are basically two levels, an guiji shapeliness is a “rare.” reporter in the city center to visit a large flagship appliance stores and found, like haier, zhi gao, kelon and particular brand has an guiji sales, but the receive is only a few series, but some brands do not have an of the cabinet machine. meanwhile, the reporter also noted that almost all of an guiji the price of 5,000 yuan, the 3p model of ingrained brands or more than 10,000 dynasty. “changhong will be launched seven series, 14 models of guiji, undocked at the ravage of .” yu hao noted that in addition to enhancing rating, changhong also took the lead in price. according to reports, its a level of energy efficiency consequence the enjoyment of the pwm 2p guiji subsidy price of personal 2,880 yuan.


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