In the CPI index to new heights, some white companies

In the CPI index to new heights, some white companies byRaw materials Tendency to raise prices buildup nearly 50% off the ice wash commodity prices trend brand, improve prices before further touching the time in gala 3 to 5%, numero uno in April, nearly 50% of ice-class undertaking manufacturers to be washed off second around prices surge, estimated this year’s "51" 80% of the ice earlier than washing person brand pricing strategy will substitute implemented. It is reported that by the bring about of February, Suning Has launched three major initiatives to stabilize prices, made it clear that attacks on the ice wash materiality charges. April, Suning Electrical National come out Festival decoration, commit be implementedEnergy, Preservation, replacement of the three major subsidies, complete start 1000000000 subsidyProject To further ensure the ice figure prices across the board wash stability, promote greenConsumption. During the Spring Festival decoration, Suning will instigate a one million energy-saving models ex-gratiaRefrigerator process conservation is a international topic of common sway to promote the popularization of energy saving Home home equipment Is planned. Refrigerator as one of the traditional treasure of the 3 major home appliances, basically 24-hour electricity, electricity consumption accounted for the entire family for more than 50% of electrical energy consumption, using low-energy-efficient refrigerator to bring patrons the dispense economic losses, because the product itself technical requirements and the prices of factors, energy-saving refrigerators fridge than the ordinary kind you round 300 yuan, for the spring fiesta decoration, Suning equipment cede enact 50 meg yuan thanks to energy-saving refrigerators, energy subsidies to promote universal, each saving an average of refrigerator can be 100 to three hundred yuan subsidies for energy conservation. In addition, the information show that the energy-saving refrigerators via 0.5 kWh per day province, a year power save over one hundred eighty kWh. During the roll in Festival decoration, Suning will launch a meg ex-gratia refrigerator energy saving models. 3 late, Suning on keeping the refrigerator for more than 230L 100 ~ 500 yuan subsidy each Water and Vitamin C is the sans pareil indicator of vegetables andFruit Freshness of the two main elements, water and vitamin C on the track detection performance can reflect the refrigerator fresh. According to the relevant test data, retaining the refrigerator of the vegetable samples, the average improvement of water loss money 4 days besides eight days were 23.5% and 43.4% vitamin C The average loss to improve the level of 54.8% also 22.9%, on the same fruit is also reflected Preservation. According China Electronics Consumer Electronics Association surveyOffice Room, the Chinese appliance market survey research community on market trends in 2008 keeping the refrigerator and customer demand survey, buyers buy the refrigerator, on the preservation of function of attention, 68%, in the coming chronology to purchase intent of consumers almost half will buy additional refrigerator. This trend is also fully certified appliance stores, ice wash, according to Su Ning, Huizhou commodity responsible person said that the recent commodities sell ice wash of view, when consumers buy refrigerators, 90% of consumers are concerned about the preservation of function of the refrigerator, 70% of consumers will ultimately choose to buy fresh occupation better refrigerator. Price has always been unaccompanied of the main impact of consumers, especially in some of the manufacturer 3 to 5% of the price increase, the preservation of the prices of refrigerators has bigger. For consumers to purchase fresh in the refrigerator when the trouble to remove the transcendent prices, Suning to be out 30 million yuan to subsidize the lower the price of retaining the fridge. material is reported that by the end of March start, Suning will be keeping the refrigerator for more than 230L a hundred ~ 500 yuan subsidy each. Targeted buyers demand high TM to carry out activitiesRefrigerator besides the fact that children consumer durables, but adept are someSecurity useful life, that commonplace life, normal life of the refrigerator is generally about 10 years. Over-age use of refrigerators, strenuous cablegram insulation aging and easy to leakage, changing stimulate and so very vulnerable to security risks; Refrigerants Would leak and pollute the environment; preservation and sterilization component technologies were decreased, leading to delicacies odor, not preservation; qualification consumption further noise are also considerable, the general "age" home equipment consume much less power than the original power consumption of 40%, refrigerator use 10 years later, the command consumption is the first of the 2-fold. bathing Machine Safe useful life of 8 years,Washing computing device In about 10 age. bathing machines are often over-age water seepage and other small problems, but also malignant leakage; conscientious reliability and business efficiency progressively decreased. Young people as a novelty, and select ball game Quality of suitors, on the refrigerator, bathing machine appliances equaling durable replacement faster, and "age" refrigerators and washing machines, mostly the elderly users. all through the show Festival decoration, Suning Te there is a ask of consumers for high TM to carry out activities to consumers with Jiujia Dian Suning Suning stores enjoy special subsidies for replacement projects.


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