In the context of energy saving and emission reduction, China’s

In the context of energy saving and emission reduction, China’s new energy vehicles leave inspiration in Developing Opportunity. May 5, the State Council issued on additional intensify its efforts to ensure the realization of "five" emission reduction goals of the informed, "We must continue to determine and popularize new process vehicles, by the fulfill of May to be issued before the relevant details of the implementation" . Yesterday, the reporter was recommended that new energy automobile allowance policy considering discussed, the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Science, Development and Reform Commission low-key need to assess the final subsidy program. Among them, to guide the distant consumption of electric vehicles, subsidies over new energy cars may not stage administer subsidies to consumers, however to subsidize the vehicle companies. Related Reading: New energy vehicles would gravy train to hurry the Shanghai World Expo Yesterday, a number of automotive companies and the strife of senior outline makers that the advent of new enterprise vehicles by the end of also can the Regulations has been a virtual certainty. The details of the original plan published monopoly March, but not balanced, it has yet to impersonate finalized. One of the most vital is how to define the various types of subsidies for also big idea standards for cars, how to provide subsidies to private patrons. It is understood that the details will be forthcoming to determine the allowances of too many energy vehicles, to varying degrees in accordance to the size of energy subsidies, energy subsidies to the maximum quantity of pure electric automobiles the highest Saving fee of 40% or more of the mixed Power Car second, poorly lower crossbred cars the amount of subsidies. turning to the private vehicle form of subsidy, the State Information Center, pointed out Xu Changming, teacher of suggestions resources, to guide the continued consumption of electric vehicles will not direct subsidies to consumers. Instead, the direct subsidy payments under the concede of a new energy car lease agency. It is involved in policy makers, over most electric vehicle technology is not mature, competent authorities need to worry about high repair rate. If direct subsidies to the private car, once the quality of instability, not even a inbred car may also reduce the use of valid vital vehicles, but not conducive to the promotion of pure electric vehicles. If you take Lease Way, private consumers discharge not worry for the quality of vehicles. Many car companies, said executives hoped directly engaged in pure electric vehicle rental business. Xu Changming said that if the property remained juice the car level, then the vehicle will be more corporate responsibility, and the subsidies are at once allocated to the business, help businesses increase the input of new energy vehicles. Insider, even if the introduction of subsidies for new energy vehicles, allowances again official cars will be related to allowances similar. Ministry of the latest and the State 863 in addition energy vehicles Zhen Zijian, deputy director of major projects outside the office, said the accepted demonstrations dominion China on the promotion of public backing units of the purchase besides use of pure electric cars seeing up to 6 meg / car subsidies, the saving rate more than 40% of the hybrid to give maturity to 5 million / car subsidies. Business front, the major automobile businesses to speed advancement the pace of introduction of added energy vehicles. Run in the way of BYD Auto, SAIC new business vehicles, the car fit in the box of financial foothold in the JAC Automotive Group has taken the cardinal step. Recently, JAC introduced the extended-range plug-in hybrid cars, and Wyatt, the consummate speed can reach 120 kilometers per hour, max ramp is greater than 30 degrees; If the pure electric driving, driving range of more than 50 km can be. JAC Group’s Ankai bus is clear the destiny will focus on new energy advancement goals. Multinational vehicle parts companies have also increased consideration on the efforts of new energy vehicles. solar Star, vice superior of Magna China, the former exact the hope that participation in China’s electric vehicle technology standard-setting work, and the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers is currently TOP10 Committee, the dishware Automotive Research Center contacts. Because Magna has been involved in the North american electric vehicle technology standard-setting, especially the standard battery. Germany’s Bosch Group, the earlier layout of new energy cars Market Now been based predominance China, electric car R & D center. Bosch Group Managing Director, Asia-Pacific business for centenarians World Ke pointed out that the Bosch Group’s hybrid generation in 2010 again unite production, development of electric automobiles will become the Bosch Group, one of the major tasks in China. At present, the Bosch Group and SAIC joint go United Automotive Electronic Systems Co., Ltd. has about 35 engineers engaged in electric and hybrid operations, the future will correspond to increased to 100. tuck away the new energy vehicles introduction of implementation details, new energy vehicles in dishware has gradually opened the market space. group of Automotive Engineers of China, Deputy Secretary-General of the State "863" Project of decisive energy projects and exceeding energy vehicles, observed Zhang Jinhua, deputy head of group of experts is expected after 2015, China will truly enter the stage of industrialization of too many proposition vehicles.

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