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Home Network News HC: Recently, the Ministry of Finance, advancement and Reform Commission issued "on the adjustment of exceptional Energy Air conditioning Financial subsidy policies to promote informed, "the energy-saving air-conditioning Projects that benefit the Extended for sole year, again work out the quantity of subsidies. As a leader in vigor efficient air conditioning with the upgrading threshold energy subsidies, Kelon double-efficient air conditioning (fixed frequency) the main products sold are expected to land 100% of recount subsidies, Kelon air-conditioning will usher in a new round of rapid spread of opportunities. Learned, energy efficient air-conditioning subsidies to make major adjustments, subsidy period from June 1, 2010 onwards seeing a further year, subsidies for new energy efficiency standards considering occasion 2 and the above products, the bourgeois common of two air-conditioning cede no longer forasmuch as enjoy the energy subsidy. Amount of subsidies from the dynasty per 300 dynasty -850 150 -250 down to dollars, have dropped by enlargement to 70%. Meanwhile, on June 3 will produce implemented on the new concede speed Air conditioning energy effectivity Standard, two energy efficiency ratio increased to 3.4. Kelon air-conditioning the body said, on June 3 after the upgrade the national agility effectivity standards, Kelon double-efficient air conditioning (personal frequency) not discrete Appliances to the countryside All products available home Appliances Subsidies whack to the countryside; Moreover, fixed-frequency air conditioning appliances to the countryside outside the leading sales products, through almost all of the above to bring about the new national standard two energy efficiency, happening conservation will also enjoy label subsidies. This means that consumers even if to buy products Kelon air conditioning appliances to rural areas, pastoral areas or non-appliance products (inborn frequency), will teem with government subsidies. Appliance industry specialists pointed out that the enhancement of energy effectivity standards, energy subsidies quantity to a significant reduction, which is known for to high efficiency of Kelon air-conditioning, the growth brought new opportunities. First, Kelon air-conditioning energy level far ahead in the industry, upgrading the homely energy effectivity standards, felicitous help Kelon air-conditioning proposition curtailment advantages of drama. Since early 2002, Kelon air-conditioning energy level has to break the homey record three times, broke the world record twice. This month mark April, Kelon’s new dual-frequency amplifier heaven series of high air conditioning, energy efficiency ratio reached a new national standard of 7.2, the 1 broke the world record. accordingly far, Kelon is still tied because the status of the global air conditioning industry, energy champion. Secondly, starting this year on June 1, Kelon air-conditioning products are mainly sold to all being sway subsidies are expected to object. Kelon position is progress according to the "Low Carbon 100" program, in addition to home appliances to the countryside for individual models, the fixed ease air conditioning Kelon has achieved almost 100% of the paramount products sold to a new national standard for more than two energy efficiency to meet the state’s energy-saving subsidies conditions. Third, Hisense Kelon Completion of the reorganization, obscure Hisense Kelon air conditioning has been absolutely shared technology platform. Hisense air conditioners depend on inverter technology lead, Kelon air-conditioning has been making plans a strong line-frequency dual-efficient products, starting from June to market quickly to meet the air conditioning industry conversion era.


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