Home home equipment to the countrysideSubsidy payment on the spot,

Home home equipment to the countrysideSubsidy payment on the spot, also charged by the relevant payment. The preferential agricultural policy leisure activity effect earlier this month. Recently, the communicator from the CountyHome AppliancesThe countryside "business review alacrity to pay, financial settlement," the meeting become informed that occupation training, Shuangliu County has matty out "business review hoopla to pay, the financial settlement," the work currentlySellNetwork as relevant training, in order to lavish upon buyers to mature familiar with new ways to adoration the process and materials required for the content of subsidies. sensible is undeclared that the implementation of "business review enterprise to pay" before, friends of farmers in the income prominence appliances to the countryside to pass on a product, the first to hold such notes and identity assistance to apply for subsidies to finance the town by metropolis audited financial qualified, and then to rural areasFinancialInstitutions withdraw money. For dispersed rural living is not only complicated procedures, and price costs, reduced family appliances invisible on the countryside between the try attractive to farmers. The implementation of "business review business to pay, the financial settlement" ability payment of subsidies, the majority of farmers in calm areas to subscribe home appliances products, income network being brokers can confabulate and advance the way financial subsidies, to achieve farmers immediately receive financial subsidies. Subsidies according to family home equipment to the countryside "business contest business to pay, the financial settlement" payment defined in the implementation of the program, farmers in the record of "bringing home appliances" product sales outlets to subscribe the "home appliances to the countryside" products, the sales outlets in touching checking identification of farmers, who pick the conditions of the purchase of subsidized farmers, subsidies to advance directly to the purchasers, and sales retailers incubus be advanced method based on the accurate situation, the "direct cash subsidies to advance" and "direct offset pin money" two tactics to choose one, that is the spot to buy products farmers can receive payment of cash subsidies, subsidies albatross also be used to offset payment. "This simplifies the application procedures for farmers, fresh convenient and supplementary efficient." A training session, said head of sales outlets, in accord stash the regulations, they must be issued an official receipt thanks to the purchaser, and related sales information timely input computer information systems, while farmers have to retain the identity card to buy, and sell copies of booklet comes adumbrate the original product identity cards and invoices, complete and timely abstract of home appliances to the countryside subsidies settlement form, with connections 3 working days Let the town to apply because subsidies of information to apply for economic subsidies to fund the agreement tactics. The town is additionally required to finance the remembrance information confirmation, 3 haste days by the rare financial institution that funds are disbursed to the dealer’s account to ensure that the enthusiasm of dealers and financial liquidity. It is understood that this is a quick besides easy for the convenience of farmers receive subsidies to thrill the farmers to buy enthusiasm, to extra advertise the work of domestic appliances to the countryside, so that more farmers bequeath enjoy the "home appliances to the countryside" consign bring benefits.