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HC HVAC & R Network ‚€š‚ "Efficient Energy Air-conditioning to promote financial subsidies, while additionally carry forward to implement a year, however the amount of subsidies has been superlatively diminished 70%, Zhi Gao, Galanz and other enterprises will certainly under attack, after they were launched 12 attitude conditioner prices universal storm, is canceled or continue to insist, is not a small test? "A long-term concern air competition policy, told reporters ensuing adjustment for springtide business concerns about market trends. especially for Yu Zhi Gao, Glanz had two clear-cut approach to promote the degradation of energy-efficient fixed-frequency business, how to participate in oftenness market competition, they fault grasp the frequency of the tread of this train forward. I see that the Ministry of Finance, National Development and Reform fee in the policy adjustment in the knowledge basically stated, the subsidies will continue until May 31, 2011, but three or more energy-efficient air-conditioning would no individual be subsidized. According to a new national liveliness efficiency standards for 1,2-class air-conditioned Sell Subsidies personal 150? 250, the old standard is as high as 300? 850 yuan, respectively, lower than the previous 50%? 71%. according to a inject of air-conditioning company said a besides air conditioner production costs will raise the existing one based mostly on 10%? 15%, large-scale production of large enterprises, the impact will sell for small. "In my view, although the amount of subsidy reduction, however the policy was sent extraneous a very finance signal, is to cogitate the timely advertising of inverter routine conditioner, which means that after the United States, and Hisense, Gree, and other enterprises more than two years strong promotion of the basic grasp of the industry combination of repeat conversion, the christianization from the enterprises to promote the development of air-conditioning upgrade to the Government’s punishment and to promote high. does not miss the first 5 batches of energy efficient air conditioning directory will emerge inverter air conditioner build. "conditioning industry media" air-conditioning sales, "deputy editor Yanbin Reading out from a numerous direction for the future development of strain. Air-conditioning company who asked not to be named, told the sales staff in private, "China Enterprise News" reporter, "from last year, the company’s product distribution and market advertising Around the two paramount policy focus is to start, the agreed States, further Gree, Oaks, Hisense is a foot ‘frequency and fixed-frequency’ two boats, and Pescod, Glanz, Changhong commit lodge to ‘energy-efficient fixed-frequency’ of a road . These two policies are now beginning to take care of frequency, together with the development trend of low-carbon fluorine-free, oftenness band as the alternative to the mainstream market will be fast. " In addition to reduced subsidies, the domestic air-conditioning company in raw material costs than a year ago to upgrade to accomplish a massive rise in copper, Steel , elastic Particles and other basic raw material prices by 10%? 35% increase. In the "raw material prices, subsidies down" trend set through cost raises air-conditioning program has placed executives of each air-conditioned office desk, just waiting for final will imitate fully implemented leadership June. "Right now, though thousands of various air-conditioning businesses are still around to originate fixed-frequency low-cost temperament promotions, but in June the cost could definitely pop in fixed-frequency air-conditioning, no longer a new landing to promote structural adjustment, however at once raise the cost of products available, prices should put on 10%? 20%. At the common time, the United States, and Hisense will not rule out companies same as way in that to promote price cuts on the inverter air conditioner, thus reducing air-conditioning with constant frequency the price difference. "store business, a charge of air-conditioning roadman told journalists. "This way, the traditional month of this year’s 67 air-conditioning season, there bequeath be a fixed frequency and oftenness of war with Taiwan, the market’s identical battle scenes, there will be many enterprises face in the market competing fixed-frequency again frequency embarrassment . Now, inverter bias conditioner in the domestic market, has entered the ‘opportune’ new era of sales volume of above 15 million this year, Taiwan is now not a problem. "trade press" Air Business, "edited by means of Jian Shen frequency rather hoping market outlook development, but also once once again lifted coming he rules inverter air conditioner sales volume anticipated. A corporate sources, the elucidate clearly indicated in the policy to support the development of inverter bent conditioner, and give subsidy, does not exclude the United States, and Hisense, the role of market commander in the advancement of our country to recognize the market value of inverter leaning conditioner and social values. Securities analysts, the tell subsidies for energy-saving air conditioning adjustment, the united States, besides Hisense Kelon besides other markets fix the frequency of leader will be the biggest beneficiary. Hot topics: Yushu earthquake HVAC industry in action!4 7 Day? 9, China Refrigeration Expo Web site Watch thematic HCUpcoming Events: 2010 5 28 Day? 29 May 2010 in Guangzhou, China element pump, photo voltaic admirable Respect and promotion mouthwatering Prize and weird cars you procure to vote

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