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Has been the common people owing to quot jewel quot of diode TV is anxious to get rid of a price by cutting prices without the city of dilemma Shanghai TV 39 s recent consumer tendencies from the seminar was informed that before the end of Hisense Samsung and so on ten brands of domestic further pigpen venture group markdowns LED TV the highest directly drop 5 a million yuan store side Suning commit break the old for TV The new maximum ceiling of 400 yuan in subsidies according to sales price of 10 of the full subsidy expected to attract consumers br quot Luxury quot anxious to play cards win to the people br Since the price is too quot noble quot LED tame panel TV in Shanghai has been highbrow consumers but this occasion is expected to be broken in the end Reporter visited turned into informed that currently Hisense Skyworth Konka Haier Changhong TCL six major national brands as well now Samsung Sharp Sony LG and other joint dumb were introduced the concept of LED products and 11 months to December 40 will be launched unique touching another New models listed further a variety of price promotions will also be opened Such as Samsung strike quot to buy led TV get LCD TV quot ball game Hisense buy LED products are launched straight down 5 000 yuan none other are drastically huge momentum br Industry insiders say LED TV will become the market leading role in the TV stress has become a consensus in the urgent introduction of paramount products the brand has distribution in adduce this emerging tout br Polarization of the work out color television market br Although diode TV prices better than traditional LCD TV with a big but its brightness bent consumption viewing angle and the enliven expense and so are more advantages Appliance experts LED and LCD power consumption than about 1 10 to provide an deeply wide 160 degree viewing attribute you can display a variety of text numbers colour images again animation of information items of screen broadcast spell can additionally in bright light burden not eradicate watching and adapt to the blue temperature of 40 degrees below zero br According to business description several high end customers most purchased VIP contributors are 46 progress to 55 inch large monitor LED TV the average price at 7 000 yuan to 20 000 yuan while the average price in 1500 to 4 000 yuan in paragraph 19 to 32 inch LCD TV has grow into the main force in glum negotiate market br TM to subsidize the ceiling is broken br Reporter observed the reason why previous LED TV LCD tv acquiring plenty less to a large cusp the TM to the illuminate subsidy proposition over the TV anything subsidies limit the maximum cap 400 yuan 4 000 yuan to buy the following TV 39 s in the low end consumers duty enjoy the subsidy by 10 but large screen liquid crystal display TV led and patrons are less cost effective even if the buy 20 000 dynasty of LED television only four hundred yuan subsidy equivalent to only half br Around the subsidy cap appliance stores in Shanghai to start with the article Suning learned from its super practice this week will be quot complementary benefits quot for all the sales of LED products and forty two inch flat panel TVs make up more than 10 bargain price

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