Guigang City paramount implemented in the region domestic home equipment

Guigang City paramount implemented in the region domestic home equipment administer subsidy to mild areas, in April, the pilot area products will Amounted to 1596 units, subsidies worth further than the sum of the first three months, the province of Hunan Xiangxiang develop into the choicest city of the direct payment, subsidy payment time from 30 days to 1 day. Subsidy charge for the current slow progress of home appliances to the countryside the situation significance North Guigang City to Hong Kong due to the pilot implementation of home appliances to the nation-state in the region’s foremost direct subsidy approach. developed area, "North Port domestic appliances to the nation-state subsidies payment in the sales cycle approach", home appliances to the countryside subsidies to cash reputation the sales cycle incubus be on the spot. Last December, officially launched the promoting Guigang home appliances to the countryside. As of April 30, the city’s sale of home appliances to the nation-state product 9957 Taiwan, cash subsidies to 1.0227 million yuan. repercussion the promotion of work, chief subsidies to the countryside as part of domestic appliances and more behind schedule, to a certain extent, pretended the farmers to purchase household appliances to the nation-state product initiative. capability clear that the new subsidy programs, subsidy payments clearing and related liability clause, has normalized and institutionalized, normalization, simplification advantages. northerly by the Hong Kong government signed an agreement with the sales network, clear the two sides of responsibilities, rights, benefits, specifications apply for subsidies for marketing and revenue grease conduct. Regulations, farmers in the criterion class of equipment sales outlets to buy after the subsidies offered to sales outlets id card, residence booklet, and complete original and copy of "subsidy fund termination domestic appliances to the countryside." revenue outlets review the sizable information, the conditions that meet the subsidy, home appliances at backed classes for 13% of sales price to offset the direct payment. And domestic appliances to the countryside in the information containment equipment product sales and input subsidies to list information. implementation of control subsidy, revenue outlets and financial fraction of the settlement, the implementation of a settlement on the 10th of each month, the monthly agreement of three times; revenue shops thanks to sub-rural, class of domestic appliances at backed aggregate, to the inanimate financial sector After review and file the following materials, the township central department within 10 working days will be allocated to the various sales outlets subsidy bills balance. It is understood that ensuing the implementation of new approaches, farmers buy appliances to rural areas greatly ensue the positive products, Hong Kong and North appliances to the countryside income and finance subsidies are there good growth muscle. April, Hong Kong and North appliances to rural areas amounted to 1596 units sales, sales of 2.6737 million yuan, on the spot cash subsidies to farmers 93,800 yuan, more than three months before the fee is supplementary than the total amount of subsidies, subsidy payment before the implementation of the new approach 38.7% ensue to the current 100%. The implementation of the new payment method, not secluded to facilitate the farmers, but also greatly reduces the workload of government departments, particularly the financial part received from the previous day, dozens of farmers applying for subsidies to personify reduced to now got a fixed monthly dozens of businesses, government, business, farmers win-win situation starting to show. (Xinhua correspondent WEI Chun Qing Lu Jian) additionally announced it has, Xiangxiang City, province Province, the town of Mountain Village DING date in the town finance the cash subsidies received 780 yuan a colour TV, but in the past, he traveled to 20 rate outside the city finance bureau to receive subsidies, at least transact time one day, and from the cost of 40 yuan. Xiangxiang full simplify subsidy program, start the rural power subsidies to rural areas to veneration the "acceleration", the farmers get the benefits of the common time a family member was more convenient. stable is learned that the city is also the first province to achieve the direct payment of the city. Xiangxiang positive road to honor innovation, streamline operational procedures, and local conditions, pinched up a "home appliances to the countryside subsidies Xiangxiang guidelines for the operation," now the unique payment to the Municipal economic Bureau reviewed the audit of township finances to do direct important subsidy bills into cash or savings passbook, and the township economic berth imprest funds established system of subsidies, reserve funds as required by the cashier to pay subsidies to the custody of funds, while the rift into the allocation of centralised treasury fee system. After the farmers to purchase family appliances to rural areas, to the statement where you answerability finance the cash without delay receive a lagniappe payment shall shorten the time from 30 days to 1 day, convenient for the city’s nearly 80 million farmers. It is understood that, in consequence far, the city has accumulated additional than 100 million in cash subsidies, direct payment by more than 20 million farmers to purchase family appliances to the countryside more and more enthusiasm.


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