Guangzhou overall replacement of stock gas has been completed, according

Guangzhou overall replacement of stock gas has been completed, according to early development of the subsidies, all replaced in the substitute processGas ApplianceMembers of the public can enjoy subsidies. but lately various people to reflect: subsidies little americans "can no longer read." Guangzhou Gas neighborhood official said, gas invoice the civic "can not read", ensuing in the misunderstanding is no longer subsidized. In response, the guangzhou Gas Group on the implementation of the inadequacy of planning subsidies apologized and promised within 6 months of standard subsidy to the user. Update subsidies allowing people to "read" Natural fuel conversion has been completed, but the remaining subsidies to "finish up" work. monopoly accordance obscure the Guangzhou Municipal predomination issued the "replacement fuel appliances on the transformation of the metropolis the cost of casual gas issues related to notice" provisions in the replacement process, if people replaced a new gas appliance, you can enjoy the subsidy paid by way of the Guangzhou Gas group. Subsidies will be implemented within 6 months to the user, and to countervail gas costs the user a way to honor. citizens are subsidizing the Gas group from Guangzhou own fund, not included in the cost of gas prices. Present, gas has been updated reserve the Guangzhou people begin to receive a deduction of the gas remittance invoice. But now the lading of invoices, some people said, "can now not read." Ms Yang who lives in Riverside East replaced following a 11 lWater heaterAnd gas charges appear on invoices subsidy "7.75 yuan." According to relevant regulations, subsidies, criteria deserve to be: eyes stoves forty six yuan / sets, monocular stoves 25 yuan / sets; 11 liters less water heaters, 94 yuan / sets, 11 liters of 104 yuan / Taiwan. Why is Ms. Yang received only 7.75 dynasty to subsidize? commitment to dispatch subsidies for six months Guangzhou Gas Group official response yesterday, spoke of the Guangzhou Gas Group in the updated documents on the user alternative is confirmed, within 6 months of subsidy payments to indemnify the user gas, such being subsidies cost more than the spell fuel costs, counteract by way of month gas costs, the last subsidies to continue in the next month to offset gasoline costs, evolvement until the end subsidies to offset the cost. Updated appliances, such as eyes and 11 liter water heater and 1 units, update the cost was 140 dynasty subsidies, such as the lifetime gas cost is 120 yuan, then 120 on the month to tip the remaining 20 yuan in the next instance to counterbalance the gas costs. The case thanks to Ms. Yang, Guangzhou Gas community said that under the subsidy standards, Ms. Yang updates deserve to be 94 dynasty subsidy. implementation of goodie 1 month, the lastingness the user to use gas costs a total of 86.25 yuan, has been within the deductible amount notoriety subsidies, although the remaining 7.75 yuan is carried forward to offset gas costs monthly.According to the guangzhou Gas Group registration statistics, so far, Guangzhou Gas Group 817 000 a total replacement, has confirmed that replacement of the user 694 000 subsidies, of which 280,000 units updated appliances, up to date water heater one hundred thirty 000 units, transformation of appliances 41 million and transform the water heater 150 000 units, totaling about 5,300 million to subsidize the implementation of the last subsidies will be gradually put in place. Guangzhou Gas community official admitted, replacement subsidies work hard to avoid omissions, error to timely implementation of the normal person grant in place, or have already been implemented and the user does not silver attention to fuel invoice or component tally meaning is not clear, resulting in no subsidies misunderstanding, Guangzhou Gas Group on the implementation of the inadequacy of planning subsidies apologized again promised to continue to clamp strictly to the relevant laws and standards, subsidies put network place due to any more as possible. If people have questions on the subsidy may be the way by means of calling the hotline 96833 or without delay to the Guangzhou Gas Group in the metropolis district sales offices.

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