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"Great, here belonging hadRefrigeratorBuy, polished can receive subsidies, and earn not have to run back and forth. "December 4, Bridge Town, Datong County, a farmer in the receiveBringing home appliancesProduct subsidies pleased to spiel. CityHome AppliancesStart working the nation-state since the municipal government attach great importance to the promotion of home appliances to the countryside productsSellIncreasingly active at the same time, run on to improve subsidy payment methods, change the stunt after the direct money subsidies to accelerate the cost of relief payment to facilitate the farmers to cash, domestic appliances to the countryside by the State Department Inspector Group fully counseled the policy.Subsidies to farmers undeclared Jinsi Cheng According to City Finance Bureau of the statistical analysis, with the farmers to purchase household home equipment to the nation-state items growing enthusiasm, the metropolis bringing home appliances products subsidy cost of funds to augment the amount of monthly subsidies to speed up the progress, but the lower rate of subsidy payment The problem still exists. As of the end of October, the city’s cumulative sales of home appliances to the countryside products 12 441 units (pieces), earnings of 25.82 million yuan, reported sales of 15.78 million yuan, has subsidized sales of 13.39 million yuan, 1.475 million yuan economic subsidies, award payment rate was 51.88 %, 1.67 percentage points reduce than the province. The reason sales from home home equipment to the countryside to have been part of the record point of view, reporting, accounting for 61.1% of sales, with 38.9% of households purchased a exertion without a declaration of home appliances to the nation-state subsidies. The cumbersome process of applying in that subsidies to farmers inconvenienced, many farmers are colorless to spend point and attempt to apply now subsidies. Sales from home equipment to have subsidies seeing part of the record read, on-line reporting sales of 15.77 million yuan, has subsidized sales of 13.39 meg dynasty to vouchsafe the cost of 84.8% was reported, the financial sector there is time to cash subsidies to poor. Change after direct money subsidies being the site For the above, the city cash department take lively measures, in Huangyuan, Datong County, west district, city district are certain solo or two sales outlets, direct payment of the advent to the scene to chief subsidies, farmers in the purchase of household appliances countryside products, the sales sway of qualified direct cash subsidies from the funds, then the earnings retailers and the district, the county settled the financial sector. The move greatly facilitate the farmers to receive subsidies to make certain the safety of cash subsidies importance a essential manner. innovative ways to cash subsidies to factor sure Recently, the State Department policy Inspectorate inspection appliances to the geographical region bringing home appliances pipeline in our city, our metropolis direct cash subsidies to the plan gave way to extremely of that subsidy to the scene after the oversee payment method, convenient farmers, peasants mobilized the countryside to buy home home equipment products, their enthusiasm, This coming is use studying and promoting.

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